Life is never about winning or losing, it is about having a vision and far-sightedness. This world is full of magnificent people who have been able to make a mark because of their hard work and unstoppable winning spirit. Bill Gates is one of them, a gem that the whole world cherishes as a multi-billionaire and a well-known name in the world of computer software, who established Microsoft the world’s largest PC software company. Many of us know about Bill Gates as a dropout from Harvard University but there are various lesser known great facts about him. Bill Gates had been a National Merit scholar from Lakeside school with a score of 1590 out of 1600. This multi-billionaire has a lot to share with us, so do you want to learn the lesson from Bill Gates, what are the best qualities of Bill gates, what is that you can learn from Bill Gates, what are the teachings of Bill Gates, we will be sharing in this article.

  1. Passion: For Bill Gates, computers held a passionate space and he always kept a visionary perspective towards providing the world with a software that covers all technological aspects. 1960’s when access to computer labs was a bare minimum, the lakeside school purchased just one computer and that’s where Gates discovered his love and passion for computers.
  2. Dedication: Mere getting lucky isn’t enough, a comradery of laborious long hours of hard work is required to pursue and achieve something. One can indeed make a fortune from life if hard work and correct approach are given weight. Make the most of opportunities that you get.
  3. A bigger leap: One of Bill’s policies was to take a step further and accomplish things even if they seem out of your reach. The kind of software that Gates aimed to develop seem unbelievable at those times but he strived and along with his friend Paul Allen, he succeeded in selling that software to MITS in 1975.
  4. Uniqueness: Bill Gates was not afraid to work towards a goal that seemed unrealistic at those times but he stood firm and unique in his ideas and had a driving force to accomplish it. According to him, when in a business try to strategize things, policies and methods that you can emulate and be confident of. Create and build your own brand.
  5. Failure is encouraging: The ups and downs in establishing Microsoft haven’t shaken him a bit rather he inspires everyone to stand again despite financial or economic crises. The failures and hurdles are a way to smooth out your path to success.
  6. Polish yourself: Following your passion means that one needs to work persistently what you are good at. Running after things with a zero interest and passion leads you nowhere. Also, constantly upgrade yourself to stay ahead of times only then you can be capable of creating valuable contributions.
  7. Life isn’t fair: One of the most valuable lessons is, life will always be filled up with challenges and struggle. Facing failures depends upon how you deal with them. Nothing is achieved overnight.
  8. Teamwork: Every individual in this world possess some of the other talents. Devising an idea needs various hands-on and it depends on you how you are able to direct them to give a fruitful output. Learn to be a doer oneself as well as in a team and you will be able to make a great leader progressively. Encourage the team to work together towards your vision. Now you know how much it is important to keep the team work spirit alive.
  9. Show, don’t Tell: Belief in accomplishing the tasks than merely talking or bragging about them. Try to show the outcome rather than just listing out the objectives and work towards them. Delayed outputs hold no or less value.
  10. Marketing: Marketing is not about just advertisements and product promotion. Show the actual requirement and problem to the people along with the solutions your product can offer, that actually enables the customer to move towards your product.

Bill Gates, is indeed a force and visionary person to learn from and his life history is inspiring indeed for upcoming IT entrepreneurs. We shared the learning from Bill Gates.


Kokil Bansal


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