10 Surprising Facts about Human Body



The most awe-inspiring and complicated of all machines known to us is the human body. Over the millions of years of human’s presence on the earth, he has discovered a great number of facts about the surrounding he lives in but still doesn’t know himself properly. In more than six decades since his discovery of DNA, he has failed to know even 10% of it. The reason being the processing of various functionalities by human body simultaneously which makes it incredibly smart and fascinating. It’s a mechanical device, a walking chemistry set, a portable computing machine, and an ever-changing biological phenomenon, all at once.

So, to make you bite your nails here’s a countdown list of top ten amazing facts about human body. These are the most amazing and interesting facts about the human body.


#10. The length of your lungs’ blood capillaries is around 2400 km.

Human lungs have around 3,00,000 blood capillaries which if laid end to end would amount to a total length of 2400 km.


#09. The largest organ of your body is skin.

Like heart, kidney, and liver, skin is also an organ and that too the largest. In an average male adult, it covers about 1.92 square meters. Approximately 12% of our body weight is owed to our skin and in a lifetime, each person sheds around 18 kg of skin.


#08. Your brain stops growing once you are 18.

After 18 years of age, your brain starts losing 1,000 brain cells every day. Thus, reducing the overall brain efficiency to some extent.


#07. The focusing muscles of your eyes travel around 80 km every day.

The focusing muscles of your eyes move approximately 1,00,000 times in a day. If the entire distance traveled by these muscles is taken together, it’s approximately 80 km.


#06. In 30 minutes, your body produces enough heat to boil half a gallon water.

Your body produces heat from all the activities being performed, be it walking, exercising, breathing or even digesting food. At any other instance except while sleeping, your body produces enough heat to boil half a gallon water in 30 minutes.


#05. The incredible power of human testicles.

A healthy man’s testicle produces an average of 10 million sperm cells daily. If each cell would find an ovum, a man can repopulate the entire world within 6 months.


#04. Your bone is 4 times stronger than concrete.

Human bones are as strong as granite in their supporting strength. A human’s block of a bone of the size of a matchbox can support approximately 9 tonnes of weight which is four times the supporting strength of concrete.


#03. For every pound of weight gained, you add 7 miles of new blood vessels.

With increasing body weight, new tissues are formed that need a constant blood supply. This makes our heart work harder to pump blood to the newly formed tissues which may affect the blood flow to other parts of the body.


#02. The acid secreted by your stomach can dissolve zinc, a metal, but doesn’t hurt your inner stomach walls.

Hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach walls is used to treat metals but doesn’t hurt your stomach because your stomach manufactures a new lining every three days to avoid dissolving itself.


#01. Every day you grow by 0.8 cm while sleeping but your height remains constant.

Surprised? If you grow daily, then why doesn’t your height increase? On an average, you are around 80 mm taller after you wake up from a good sleep (usually, morning). The height increases due to excessive fluids within your spinal discs while decreases during the working hours due to physical activities as the fluid seeps out due to gravity. Hence, we lose our temporary height gain.


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