Top 10 Strange Places on Earth

The hectic busy schedule of daily life doesn’t allow us to spare time on our surroundings but yet there are few such baffling beauties on our Earth which are weird in look. You will never believe that such places do exist but yes they are.

Here, we have bought 10 such strange places that exist in the world and are surely going to change your vacation destination this time. These are the strange places on earth.

1.Spotted Lake

Location: British Columbia, Canada

The spotted lake is considered as the sacred lake by the people of Okanagan. During summer, there is no water in the lake and you can only see mineral pools which are very small but all are of different colors.

2.Salar De Uyuni

Location: Potosi Department, Bolivia

Another strange place on our Earth is Salar De Uyuni. This is considered as the largest pan of salt. Yes, you heard it right and along with this an amazing fact is that when a very thin layer of water is gathered on the surface of the lake, it turns out to be one of the largest mirrors of the world as well.

3.Lake Natron

Location: Tanzania

If you are looking for the weirdest places on the Earth then you can never forget to take the name of a petrifying lake i.e. Lake Natron. In this lake animal dies and through calcification turn into statues which later convert to mummies.

4.Devil’s bridge

Location: Germany

This bridge is famous for its construction accuracy which is very unique. The bridge and the reflection of the bridge merge in such a way that a proper circle is formed. So wherever you see it from, it looks all the same.

5.Spotted Lake Khiluk

Location: British Columbia, Canada

This is considered as one of the most mineralized lakes in the world with total 365 spots. The chemical content in each of the spot is such that it has the ability to cure many diseases.

6.Underwater park, green lake

Location: Tragoess, Austria

It is an underwater beauty; yes a perfect garden inside the lake. Although very strange, it is genuine and obviously divers need a place to relax underwater, spooky!

7.Eternal flame falls

Location: New York, US

Under this beautiful fall, there is a flame that is fueled by all the natural gases. Even under high fall, the flame keeps on burning.

8.Christ of the Abyss

Location: Italy

This is a bronze statue of Jesus Christ which is 2.50 meters long. This statue is under water and yes it is one of the mysterious places on our Earth.

9.Blood Falls

Location: Antarctica

Between the full whiteness of the snow, there flows the red water which is called Blood Falls. It is red in color because huge iron is present there.

10.Nelson Lake National Park

Location: New Zealand

The amazing fact about this place is that you can see the bottom of the lake clearly and another amazing fact is that still, you can’t identify the depth of the lake.

So, after reading are you having Goosebumps or do you want to eagerly go at such amazing and strange places on the Earth? If yes, don’t wait and have the thrill and fun now.

(Writer:Tulika Gupta)

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