10 Deadliest Plane Crashes in the History

Plane crashes are the most disastrous in comparison to all other transport accidents as they involve a catastrophic loss of life. Below we have listed ten most deadly plane crashes in the history which made an impact on aviation industry as well as on the world too. These are worst plane crash ever.

10.Korean Airlines Plane crash- Flight 007 in 1983

In 1983 the South Korean airline was shot by the Soviet Su-15 interceptor. It was actually on its route from Anchorage to Seoul, however, diverted from its planned route towards Soviet prohibit airspace. The Soviet air forces treated it as the unidentified aircraft and misunderstand it as the US spy plane and so proceed to destroy it. There were in all 269 passengers in it which were killed.

9. American Airlines Plane crash- Flight 191 in 1979

It was 25th May 1979 when the airline left Chicago. The left engine of the plane detached from its wings and fall down, which makes the plane rolling in the air and sending back crashing towards earth. The plane burst into the fire just a mile from the runway and which could be seen from an instance of eight miles. There were 271 people on the board and were killed. This plane crash is recognized as America’s worst aviation disaster. This plane crash occurred due to a shortcut is taken by removing plane’s engines for maintenance and which cracked the engine’s wing.

8.Iran Air Flight Plane crash- 655 in 1988

This incident was held on 3rd July 1988 during the tense time of Gulf because of Iran Iraq War. The plane took off from Bandar Abbas International Airport to Dubai. At the airport was used by both civilian and military aircraft and  Vincennes mistook the lumbering Airbus A300 civilian airliner for a much smaller plus faster F-14 fighter jet. It is because of the heat of battle and fired two surfaces to air missiles which killed about 290 passengers along with crew on board. It is known to be the most horrible incident in the history.

7.1996 Air Africa Plane Crash in 1996

In 1996 Africa air Antonov 32 cargo plane was crashed into the market formed with wood and iron shack s. The plane was on its way to deliver the supplies to a rebel group UNITA. It was overloaded and thus failed to take off. It ran from runway straight into the market made of wood and made people and cars bursting into flames. Later on, it was revealed that flight was illegal and Africa did not have any papers to operate it.

6.Saudia Flight Plane crash-163 in 1980

This plane crash is known to be the second deadliest single-aircraft disaster in the history. Saudia Flight 163 caught fire after takeoff from Riyadh International Airport in 1980. Later on, the aircraft had made the successful emergency landing, but all 287 passengers, along with 14 crew onboard died owing to inhalation.

5.Iran Ilyushin Plane crash- Il-76 Crash in 2003

This accident took place in 2003 the time when Iran Ilyushin Il-76 crashed in the mountainous terrain near Kerman. The flight was flying from Zahedan to Kerman .the aircraft was carrying many members of Islamic Revolutionary Guard who were on an unknown mission. In the area of the crash, strong winds were reported and instantly the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen. This crash was recognized as the deadliest crash on Iranian s soil as there were no survivors out of 275 passengers.

4.Turkish Airlines Plane crash-Flight 981 in 1974

This flight was scheduled from Istanbul Yesilkoy Airport to Heathrow London airport with a stop in Paris. In 1974 it crashed into Ermenonville Forest outer parts of Paris and killed 346 people on board. It was also known as the deadliest plane crashes in the history at that time with no survivors. This crash occurred due to improperly secured cargo door which broke and which cause explosive decompression.

3.Charkhi Dadri Plane crash- in 1996

It is the mid-air collision over the Charkhi Dadri village occurred in 1996. The aircraft Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-100B was on its way from Delhi to Dhahran. On the other side, it was Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin II-76 was on its way from Chimkent to Delhi. This mid-air crashed killed 349 people on the board on both planes and was known to be the most deadly aircraft accident in the world. Also, most deadliest mid-air collision to occur in India.

2.Japan Airlines Flight Plane crash-123 in 1985

It was Japan Airlines passenger flight from Haneda Airport, Tokyo to Osaka International airport, Japan. In 1985 Boeing 747SR was to its route which suffered a sudden decompression and was crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno, just 100 km away from Tokyo. The main cause of the crash was rapid decompression due to the faulty repair. It is known to be the deadliest single-aircraft crash; causalities include 15 crew members along with 509 passengers. Some out of them survived.

1.Tenerife Plane crash- in 1977

It is known as the deadliest attack in the history. On 27th March 1977, two aircrafts KLM flight 4805 and Pan Am flight 1736 collided on the runway on Spanish island of Tenerife at Los Rodeos airport. It killed 585 people on the board. Chief reason was noted as the KLM captain’s judgment to take off the flight in the mistaken trust that takes off clearance from air traffic control had been issued.

There are many flights all around the world take off and land without any kind of trouble each day. Above listed plane crashes shows that life is very unpredictable, so enjoy to its fullest.


(written by Ravleen Chawla)

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