10 Fire Tragedies Which Shook India

Fire tragedies are not very common in India, however, when they take place; they cause massive losses of lives and funds. Below we have listed ten fire tragedies which shook India:

10. February 2013  Kolkata Fire tragedy

In 2013 Kolkata faced a horrific fire incident in a five-storey market complex in congested Surya Sen. Street. The fire broke up due to a short circuit on the first floor of the complex. Nearly about 19 people who were identified as laborers working in that market were killed. This fire incident is known to be the second worst fire in Kolkata followed by AMRI hospital fire accident in 2011.

9. September 2012 Tamil Nadu fire tragedy

In 2012 fire explosion occurred at Sakthi Fireworks Industries, which was the firework factory in Sivakasi. This factory did not have a valid license to work. Nearly about 40 people were killed, and more than 70 people were injured in this worst fire explosion in India. The explosion took place at the time workers were mixing some chemicals to produce fireworks. As per reports, the cause of the accident was the high temperature in the factory.

8. Uphaar Cinema fire tragedy

This fire tragedy was recognized as one of the worst tragedies India would face. The fire took place in 1997 June at Uphaar cinema during the screening of 3 to 6 Border movie. Nearly about 59 people died owing to the suffocation created inside the cinema hall, and 103 people were severely injured. The cause of the fire was the unsatisfactory repairs done in the transformer which result in loose connection ad sparking.

7. December 2011 in Kolkata fire tragedy

In 2011 December fire broke down at the AMRI Hospital in Kolkata. The cause of the fire was the alleged negligence of keeping the flammable substances in the basement of the building which catches fire owing to the short circuit.  Nearly about 95 people along with staff members died due to asphyxiation. The license of the hospital was revoked and sic board members were arrested.

6. September 2005 in Bihar fire tragedy

In 2005 September, three illegal firecracker factories in the Khusropur village of Bihar caught fire. Nearly about 35 people were dead and left 50 injured .the primary cause of this fire explosion in Bihar was the short circuit. The majority of people died owing to burn, and several others were died due to inhaling of toxic fumes.

5. April 2006 in Meerut fire tragedy

In 2006 April the fire broke out through a consumer electronics fair in Victoria Park, Meerut. The main cause of the fire was the short circuit and estimated in that fair was about 2000 people. It was a 100 meter long fair in the air-conditioned tents with just single entry and exit point. The fire broke out in the last day of five days fair and in which about 3000 people trapped in the venue.

4. July 2004 Tamil Nadu fire tragedy

In 2004 June fire accident took place in a school in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Nearly about 94 students of the primary section were burnt to death in the classroom of the Krishan English Medium school. This accident is recognized as one of the major accidents in India. The fire sparked from the kitchen at the time of mid-day meal thatch and spread fastly to upper floors. There were in all 900 students at that time in the school.

3. June 2002 , Agra fire tragedy

In 2002 a fire engulfed a shoe manufacturing factory, and about 42 people were killed. In the morning few employees of the shoe factory were transferring glue from bigger to smaller containers, owing to the negligent smoking the flammable vapor caught fire and finally explosion occurred. Lack of fire fighting equipments the fire spread to all the parts of the factory.

2. February  Odisha fire tragedy

In 1997 Odisha, it took an electric spark, substantial human stupidity and roasted alive about 200 people in just eight m minutes in a camp of tinder tents. It was a religious congregation of Acharya Nigamananda, a sect leader. The main cause was the highly combustible structures sheltering the mass of hundreds of people, no specific fire prevention and lack of exit gates.

1.    December 1995  Haryana fire tragedy

In 1995 the fire incident occurred at Rajiv Marriage Palace in Mandi Dabwalui, Haryana. At that time local DAV Public School was carrying out its annual prize distribution ceremony. The look hole was the synthetic tent which has been set up in the building and catches up fire owing to the short circuit by an electric generator. After the fire broke down about 1500 people tried to escape from the single exit door. Out them, 400 people died in the fire and rest 160 was severely injured.

Many people die in fire accidents owing to short circuits, bursting of gas cylinders or stoves. Many lives can be saved and such fire tragedies can also be avoided is proper safety practices are kept in mind. Probable fire hazards, fire protection, and evacuation procedures should be followed to prevent such kind of tragic fire incidents.

(Written by: Ravleen Chawla)

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