10 Deadliest Train Accidents in India





There have been many deaths in India due to the train accidents. These accidents are not just unfortunate but also very disturbing. Frequent incidents of accidents are a big question on railway department of India because the train is one of the most common modes of transport and it should be secure. But yet we have no answers on the question of railway security from our governments.

Here, we have listed out some of the scariest accidents by rail in India. Have a look at them below:

  1. Bihar train disaster, 6th June 1981-Deaths: 300-800

A passenger train met an accident and fell in the Baghmati River near Saharsa in Bihar. This is one of the worst accidents in the world and around 800 people died in it. Flash flooding is considered as one of the reasons for it.

  1. Firozabad rail accident, 20th August 1995 -Deaths: 358

Purushottam express crammed into Kalindi express in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. More than 350 people were killed in this accident. The reason for the accident was a manual error.

  1. The collision of Awadh express and Brahmaputra mail, 2nd August 1999-Deaths: 268

In North frontier Kathiar division of railway, Awadh- Assam express collided with Brahmaputra mail and around 268 people were killed in that. More than 359 people were injured from both trains.

  1. Khanna rail accident, 26th November 1998-Deaths: 212

At Khanna, Punjab, some derailed bogies of Golden temple mail got rammed with Jammu Tawi- Sealdah Express causing the death of around 212 people. Because of the broken railway track, Golden temple mail got derailed.

  1. Gyaneshwari express derailment, 28th May 2010 -Deaths: 170

170 people died when some people from a communist party of India planned an explosion between Sardiha and Khemashuli. Due to this, theĀ  Howrah Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Super Deluxe Express got derailed and rammed with a goods train.

  1. Pamban- Dhanuskodi train accident, 23rd December 1964-Deaths: 150

150 passengers were killed due to Rameswaram cyclone as the entire train got washed away. It was the deadliest accident but the only fortunate part was that just 150 people were there on the train.

  1. Howrah- New Delhi Rajdhani Express, 9th September 2002-Deaths: 140

Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express got derailed between Dehri and Gaya near Rrafiganj station. This was due to a manual fault. There were cracks in the track and thus the train got derailed.

  1. Hyderabad rail accident, 28th September 1954-Deaths: 139

A bridge collapsed in 75 km South of Hyderabad due to which the train got crashed in the Yasanti River. More than 100 people got injured and around 139 died.

  1. Mahbubnager accident, 2nd September 1956-Deaths: 125

Between Mahbubnager and Jadcherla, a bridge collapsed below the train. This was around 100 km from Hyderabad. More than 125 people died and around 22 got injured.

  1. Express train accident, 17th July 1937-Deaths: 119

Near Bihta station in Kolkata, an express train got plunged off an embankment. Around 180 people got injured and 119 died.

This is the list of some biggest and the scariest accidents that occurred in India. In some cases, railway department was at fault whereas in other cases the natural calamities were responsible.

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