10 Scariest Movies of All Time

Going for a horror movie with your loved ones is always fun. But, watching such movies alone can be really scary and blood pumping. The kind of adrenaline rush and the fear that you may have felt after watching “Conjuring” recently or “The Evil Dead” as a kid had sometimes or the other made all of us sleep with the lights on. 

Considering the overall movie quality, fear and creepiness factor, impact on the horror genre, and the hidden mystery, we have compiled a list of the most ghoulish and jaw-dropping movies ever. Sleep tight tonight, people. This is the list of hollywood horror movies, some of these are the scariest movies ever produced. The list includes the most horrific films ever. 

#10. The Fly (1986)

The movie portrays the story of Jeff Goldblum, a researcher who in an attempt to invent teleportation accidentally merges himself with a fly and suffers watching bits of himself falling off his body. The movie got the horror maestro David Cronenberg the Oscar for his icky story.


#9. The Orphanage (2007)

Of all the kinder horror movies as that of Ring, Children of the Corn and Insidious that have depicted creepy kids doing terrifying acts, The Orphanage has been an outlier. The movie featuring some sack-headed creepy kids haunting a couple who are looking for their missing son is Director AJ Bayona’s debut film and is a masterpiece in horror genre.


#8. Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Most of the horror films appear to be similar where the viewer can usually expect what all can happen at a particular point in time, thus making movies somewhat predictable. The director-producer duos who were also the writers of the film shot the movie inspired by the idea of uniqueness and unpredictability.

Centered around a group of kids going to a cabin in a jungle, this movie is a clever and fun take on classic horror movies. The movie keeps adding fascinating elements to the cabin, thus making it audacious and crowd-pleasing.


#7. Dracula (1992)
All the popular vampire franchises owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dracula. This movie actually cemented a strong image of this villain in the minds of the moviegoers and has made this character immortal.

Based on the Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula isn’t one of the most horrifying movies as per today’s standards. But it gives something different- a memorable take on the handsome and charismatic villain.


#6. Alien (1979)

Presumed to be a science fiction movie, this version of Alien was way too scary than any of the Alien movies you must have seen.

The movie is set centuries ahead in the future where humanity resides in the stars. The crew of a mining vessel becomes host to a bloodthirsty alien life form and one by one every crew member except one is slaughtered by the hidden enemies.

The cinematography was amazing as it very minutely pictured the dark and scary cold depths of the space.


#5. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The movie that inspired classics like “Paranormal Activity”, “The Blair Witch Project” was the one to introduce a new genre of ‘horror movie as faux-documentary’. The shaky camera and the badly lit-up shots made the movie an effective scare fest for the viewers and changed the way we would like to get scared.


#4. Paranormal Activity (2007)

One of the scariest movies from a new genre defined by “The Blair Witch Project” where recorded footages formed the grounds for the movie, “Paranormal Activity” appeared as if The Blair Witch Project in your house. In the Sloat’s family new house, every night CCTV cameras would capture paranormal activities that haunted the family.

#3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Owed to its extreme violence and bloody brutality, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” failed to barely find a distributor during its release. The story is about some young people who hang out together smoking weed when they run out of gas in a lonely Texas region. They are haunted by nefarious mountain folks who have become aggressively insane cannibals. The Leatherface people and their insane activities made the movie extremely horrifying.


#2. Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is one of the greatest thrillers and a memorable horror experience of all time. This is the story of Normal Bates, a crazy man and his mother who kill people at their remotely located motel. Several murders happen until the killers are brought to justice.

With a limited cast and budget, the movie is the classic of the horror genre, a scary nerve-wracking experience.


#1. The Exorcist (1973)

This movie deserves to be on the number one position in a list of the most horrifying movies ever made.

William Friedkin’s controversial possession flick portrays a little girl, Linda who degenerates into a foul-mouthed, spinning head and goop-puking being owed to her demonic possession. People were so scared and affected by the movie that many film theatres provided Exorcist barf bags (vomit bags) and the home video was banned in the UK for a decade.


So, there you had our top 10 of the most horrifying movies of all time. But your list may differ. What are your favorites? Comment below and let’s discuss.

(By Himanshu Kumar)


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