Top 10 Most Expensive Private Yachts in the World

The word yacht itself has hidden luxury in it. If you own a yacht, it is surely an expensive pleasure. Yachts can just be expensive, very expensive and yes the most expensive thing ever. Only wealthy people can own to have these luxurious yachts with them. And the expenses never end as the maintenance of these yachts always needs a huge amount of money. Which are the most expensive yacht in the world? We bring you the list of most expensive of them with us.

Here we are going to list out top 10 most expensive and luxurious yachts in the entire world. Have a look at them below. These are the expensive yacht of the world. The list includes the most expensive and luxurious yacht. Most of the yachts are owned by businessmen.

10.Lady Moura Yacht

Price: $210 million

A yacht owned by a businessman. This is the 10th most expensive yachts in the world and was built in 1990 for Nasser AI-Rashid, a businessman from Saudi Arab. The exterior of the yacht has its name in gold of 24 carats. Inside yacht is a pool with a roof and a dining room. Along with floating oasis and the deck chairs, there are palm trees which will provide a real and authentic experience. 30 guests can be accommodated along with 60 crew members.

9.AI Mirqab Yacht

Price: $250 million

This yacht was completed in the year 2008 and is considered as one of the largest yachts in the world. It was built for prime minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim. Ten suites are there in this luxury liner. A total of 24 guests can be accommodated along with a bathroom, bedroom, and a living room.

8.Dilbar Yacht

Price: $256 million

It was built in the year 2008 by Llurssen and he named it after his mother. Dilbar has some swimming pools in it along with a helipad and many other luxury features. Total 20 guests can be accommodated with 48 crew members.

7.AI Said Yacht

Price: $300 million

7th in the list of most expensive yachts is AI Said created by Lürssen Yachts. This yacht has a big concert hall, big enough so as to have a 50-piece orchestra. It can have a total of 70 guests on it along with 154 crew members.

6.Motor Yacht A

Price: $323 million

It belongs to a Russian billionaire, Andrey and his wife Aleksandra Melnichenko. This is considered to be an epitome of luxury with a bedroom along with disco and guest suites. The furniture, tableware and many other things are made of French crystal. 14 guests and 42 crew members can be boarded.  A truly Russian billionaire yacht.

5.Dubai Yacht

Price: $350 million

Constructed in the year 2006, it has Jacuzzis, sunbathing areas and swimming pool. It can carry 115 people. It also has a helipad to accommodate 9.5 tons of a helicopter. Its owner is Platinum Yachts.

4.Azzam Yacht

Price: $650 million

It is the most complex yacht ever built in the world and is 590 feet long and is owned by President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan. It has the fastest reaching speed and the interior is designed by a French interior designer and is fully sophisticated from inside.

3.Streets of Monaco Yacht

Price: $1.1 billion

This yacht has a replica of the Monaco city floating within it.  It is 500- foot yacht including a casino and a racetrack. Swimming pools, tennis courts and what not are there in this 4,800 square feet yacht.

2.Eclipse Yacht

Price: $1.5 billion

It is the second most expensive yacht and is 56e feet long and its owner is Roman Abramovich a Russian billionaire. It has amazing features like 24 guests’ cabin, hot tubs, swimming pools, launch boats and many submarines as well. There is an intruder detection system inside.

1.History Supreme Yacht

Price: $4.5 billion

If you have a question which is the most expensive and luxurious yacht in the world, here is the answer. This is the most expensive yacht in the world and its owner is a Malaysian Businessman. Total 3 years were taken to complete it. It is made of gold and platinum. It has a dining area with deck, rails, anchor, and staircases. The master bedroom consists of expensive accessories.

These are the ten most expensive yachts in the world and if you wanna buy one, become a billionaire and go for it!!!

(By: Tulika)

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