10 Best Honeymoon Locations in India




India is very well known for its diverse culture and geography and is also known to be the most sought-after honeymoon destinations worldwide. The honeymoon is the most memorable moment of life and which newly married couple wants to make these moments a special one. It is the first tour with your better half after starting a new life. So many married couple keep on asking the other couples, ” which is best honeymoon destination in the world or rather more relevant for Indian people which is the best honeymoon destination in India. Below we have listed ten honeymoon destinations in India to start the new chapter of your life and to make your trip memorable one:

1#Goa – Love is in the air

Goa is the best place for newly married couples as it has many things to offer to honeymooners. You can sense the love in the atmosphere of Goa as it presents gorgeous sunsets, candlelight beach dinner with wine, buzzing nightlife as well as luxury beach resorts to stay. Goa is very popular for its relaxing and cheerful vibes and is a magnet for honeymooners. It is one of the best honeymoon spot for couples

2#Andaman & Nicobar Islands – experience love

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is known to be the best place in India to visit for honeymoon. This beautiful Indian place offers breathtaking views, clean and clear waters, fantastic beaches, spectacular sunsets and shining sand. It is recognized as the best destination to come close nature and to feel the romance which is the vital part of the new stage of new life. This one is natural tourist spot an a got a lot of love from visitors across the world.

3#Srinagar – indeed a most romantic destination in India

There is no other much better way to celebrate love and the new phase of life. The pleasant weather along with beautiful landscape of Srinagar will perfectly compliment your lovable mood. The honeymoon is the phase to firm the relationship and respects the intimacy amid newly married couples, and Srinagar is the best place in India to enjoy and best destination in India for a honeymoon. This is truly a heaven on earth and heaven for the honeymoon couple as well to mix more pleasure in their honeymoon.

4#Jodhpur – feel Loved in the Thar Desert

Jodhpur offered an exclusive and royal experience to the newly married couples and recognized as one of the most romantic places in India for a honeymoon. Couples can feel the love of this place amid the glittering golden sand, heritage monuments, rustic villages and beautiful palaces. Jodhpur is the best place to grand start a new life after marriage owing to its scenic beauty and tranquility.

5#Coorg –the Scotland of India

Coorg, the Scotland of India is located in Karnataka and is known to be the most romantic Indian place to visit. The aromatic smell of coffee in alluring mountains is the best reasons to visit this place. Newlywed couples who enjoy trekking as it is the best way to get closer to each other and to spend a great time in this new phase of the life.

6#Gulmarg – the canvas of nature

The better way to enjoy the new phase of life is to visit Gulmarg. It is known to be one of the best honeymoon locations in India owing to the romantic weather and beautiful landscape. You can enjoy quality time and visit the beautiful tourist attractions in Gulmarg with your better half. A honeymoon in Gulmarg will undoubtedly prove to be very exciting. This place offers fishing, trekking, golfing, snowboarding and mountain biking to its visitors.


7#Nainital – love, happiness and the unspoiled nature

Nainital has everything to offer to newly married couples, and that is the reason it comes in the list of best honeymoon places in India. It offers beautiful lakes surrounded by imposing mountains and inclined roads. It is recognized as a lovely collage of fantastic experience and beautiful places. Nainital is said to be the most sought-after honeymoon place for newlywed.  Couples who are in search for a pleasant dreamy rendezvous in India then Nainital will definitely end their search. Nainital is a beautiful tourist destination in north India.

8#Tawang – a honeymoon paradise

Tawang is known to be the best honeymoon place in India to visit owing to its mesmerizing views of valleys and mountains. It is a perfect place and an ideal honeymoon destination as it offers much-desired calmness to newly married couples. The couple will feel amazed after enjoying the various attractive monasteries along with towns’ absorbed with colors of Tibetan culture. Enjoy realm of nature and distinct culture in Tawang and make your honeymoon trip a memorable one.

9#Shimla – add purity in a new phase of life

Shimla is recognized as the favorite honeymoon destination in India and is known to be the Queen of Hill stations. The picturesque surrounding and chilling weather of Shimla make it the paradise for honeymooners. It is the most preferred destination in India owing to its marvelous views along with dense forests of Oak, pine and Fir tree. Couples could roam around in a safe and secure environment of Shimla and can also enjoy the coziness and warmth of this beautiful Indian place. Cold weather of Shimla attracts a lot of visitors every year.

10#Khandala – allow nature to paint your  new journey of love

Khandala is known to be the best honeymoon destination in Maharashtra. It is located in a short distance from  Mumbai and is the best place to start your new life with your better half. This place attracts newlywed couples to enjoy some cozy moments together. Honeymoon in Khandala is the best option as it presents nature at its best with high ranges, deep valleys and pure beauty which is unspoiled and untouched. Couples can also enjoy an adventurous honeymoon in Khandala by indulging themselves in rock climbing activities.

Thus, if you are getting married this season, the above list will help you out to choose the best honeymoon destination in India. Make your golden honeymoon period unique by picking up the perfect honeymoon location. I hope you liked our list of honeymoon places in India.

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Ravleen Chawla

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