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New York City is said to be as one of the most visited places on the planet. It is known to be the most populous city in the US along with it New York is also the most populated city too. This city is described as financial, cultural as well as media capital worldwide. Below is the list of some interesting and amazing facts about New York City:

#15. New York City is divided into five districts or boroughs named as Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.

#14. Ellis Island in New York is known to be a gateway to the United States as its role as an immigration station in the early 19th and 20th century.

#13. During the period of the 18th century, New York was the capital of United States. About nine cities have served as the New York capital at one time or the other.

#12. The New York City was at first named as New Amsterdam by Dutch traders.

#11. Financial district Wall Street of New York is an abode to New York stock exchange and is known to be largest in the world.

#10. New York has the lowest crime rate in comparison to any other North American city.

#9. The film industry of New York plays a very significant role in city’s economy and numerous famous; movies had been set in and around New York City.

#8. New York City has about hundred nicknames and the most famous nickname of New York among them is The Big Apple.

#7. Central Park in New York is known to be the most visited city park in the United States as more than 35 million people visit the park every year.

#6. Not everyone knows about it that famous historic hotel in New York is positioned above a secret train station. This secret station is known as Track61 which forms an extension of Grand Central Terminal which is positioned a few streets from that hotel. The beach Coney Island was named after Brighton

#5. Until World War two, everybody who rented an apartment in New York City had to shift on the same day every year as per the rules.

#4. The well known New York city tourist attraction Wall Street’s Charging Bull valued to 3, 60,000 to construct. It was declared as illegal at night after a sudden stock market crash.

#3. On the day of 11th September terror attack when all transport was shut down, only the citizen boat owners carried out more than 500,000 people from Manhattan Island. This fantastic act was given the name as 9/11 Boatlift.

#2. Among all the interesting facts of New York City, the most amazing fact is that the city has more than 40 thousand street food vendors and over 20 thousand other vendors. On the street of New York, you will find 35 thousand vendors selling different things.

#1. Terror attack of 11th September on WTC released a dust cloud of toxic all across Manhattan. It is said that owing to this the case of Lung Cancer and mesothelioma cases in New York City will reach to its highest point till 2041.

New York City offers many things to everybody, from natural beauty to a diverse culture.  There are also many places to visit in New York City, so plan your travel to this fantastic place to have a memorable experience. 

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