10 Interesting facts about Bill Cosby

Born on 12th July 1937, Bill Cosby is a great stand-up comedian. He dropped out of high school to serve US navy and after that dropped out college to be a stand-up comedian, and it was the best decision of his life. His first acting assignment was in I Spy, and today also it is considered as the most successful work of Cosby. In the year 1984 to 1992, his show named as Cosby Show appeared on NBC and was recognized as the highest rated sitcom for consecutive five years. Below are ten interesting facts about Bill Cosby:

#10. Early and married life

 Cosby’s father was in US armed forces and spends many years in World War II. Bill Cosby was born in 1937 in Philadelphia and gained stardom with his first super hit TV show series well known as Cosby Show. He was married to Camille and had five children. Surprisingly the names of his five children of Cosby begin with E as E stands for excellence.

#9. Cosby –a musician

Bill Cosby is not only a fantastic actor but also a great musician too. We can say he is a multitalented personality. His interest and passion came out when he promoted Jazz, for which Berkeley College of Music had awarded Bill Cosby an Honorary Doctorate of Music. His song was on the top of the forty hits in 1969, and his comedy albums were also awarded Grammy awards.

#8. Student life of Cosby

Cosby as a student was a class clown and also the captain of his school’s baseball team and also the field team at Mary Channing Wister, Public school. He was also the class president. Teachers notify his clowning instead of his studies.

#7. Cosby working before and after school

Bill Cosby used to work after and before school time. He used to sell produce; shining shoes, as well as stocking shelves at a supermarket, support his family financially.

#6. Television career of Cosby

Everybody knows that the talent of Bill Cosby came to highlight with his TV show Cosby Show. However, it was not his first TV show as he could be seen in ‘Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater’ which was telecasted in 1966.

#5. The first actor to be awarded

Bill Cosby was known to be the foremost African actor who has been awarded with an Emmy award. This award was given to him, not for his talent in the Cosby Show but was for his acting ability in ‘I Spy.’

#4. Death of Cosby’s son

One of the sons of Cosby named Ennis Cosby was killed in 1997. He had been murdered because he was about to replace flatties out of his car. When he was murdered in San Diego freeway, he was just 27 years old.

#3. The most popular show I Spy

I Spy was known to be the most popular show of Bill Cosby, and he bagged an Emmy award for this show for three years continuously. He won the award in 1966, 1967 and 1968 for the Outstanding continued performed in leading role.

#2. Loved listening radio

Bill Cosby loved to listen to the radio and especially his one-time favorite show ‘Lights Out.’ He confessed in one of his interviews that he has to do everything what the guy on the radio use to told him to perform. He uses to do things like switch off the lights the time you are listening to that program.

#1. Sexual assault allegations

Bill Cosby was accused by a 51 years old woman of rape, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, drug-facilitated sexual assault and sexual misconduct. The incidents were taken place in mid of the 1960s, and the most recent was in 2008. However, Bill Cosby denied all the allegations. Many lawsuits against Bill Cosby are pending till date.

Beyond the fame and scandals linked with Bill Cosby, there are several things which are not known by the people. The above-listed facts about Bill Cosby will let you know about the real Cosby.


(Author:Ravleen Chawla)

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