10 Deadliest Thunderstorms of the World

10 Deadliest Thunderstorms of the World

10 Deadliest Thunderstorms of the World



Our world is a beautiful place but it is often destroyed by recurring hurricanes and thunderstorms. The intensity of natural disasters keeps on increasing due to the global warming factor. The storm is one such dangerous situation in which not only the town but the whole country faces the adverse effects.

Today we will see the 10 deadliest thunderstorms which shook the world.

#10. Great Bombay Cyclone, India, 1882

This was one of the deadliest storms of the history in which 100,000 people died. The winds hit at a speed of 177km/h affecting major areas lying around the Arabian Sea. Bombay was highly affected after this thunderstorm.

#9. Cyclone O2B

The next thunderstorm on the list is that of the year 1991 which occurred in Bangladesh. It destroyed the entire Chittagong district on the southeastern part of the country. More than 135,000 people were killed and about 10 million people became homeless.

#8. Super Typhoon Nina

China was badly affected by Super Typhoon Nina which hit the country in the year 1975. Many areas were devastated due to this thunderstorm. There were heavy floods in many parts of China and about 231,000 people died in this disaster.

#7. Chittagong cyclone

 Bangladesh has always been affected by storms due to its climate. One of the major storms took place in Bangladesh in the year 1897 which claimed more than 175,000 lives with heavy destruction all over the country.

#6. Great Backerganj Cyclone

The next on the list is Great Backerganj Cyclone which hit Bangladesh in the year 1876. More than 200,000 people died in this storm and many parts of the country were destroyed. The wind speed was 220km/h.

#5. Backerganj Cyclone

Backerganj region was affected by one of the deadliest storms which occurred in the year 1584. More than 200,000 people died in this disaster and many were left homeless. Major parts of the city were destroyed by the storm.

#4. Coringa cyclone

Coringa village was destroyed by one of the most dangerous storms in the year 1839. Around 300,000 people lost their lives and many became homeless. This storm also destroyed more than 20,000 ship vessels.

#3. Haiphong typhoon

Vietnam was hit by a major storm in the year 1881. This storm is believed to be one of the most powerful thunderstorms claiming more than 300,000 lives. It also affected the town of Haiphong due to which there wasa big financial crisis.

#2. Hooghly River cyclone

Hooghly River faced the storm in the year 1737. It severely affected the low lying areas of the region. More than 350,000 people died in this storm.

#1. Bhola cyclone

Bhola cyclone was the deadliest thunderstorm claiming about 550,000 lives in Bangladesh. It occurred in the central part of Bay of Bengal and destroyed the islands, farms, villages, and crops causing a heavy damage.

These thunderstorms are stilled remembered by the present generation as the major tragedies. We can stop such natural disasters by saving our earth by growing more trees thereby maintaining the Ecological balance.

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