A factual statement it is that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Jewelries have been an icon for women since time immemorial and they would continue to be. Even men haven’t been able to stay away from jewels in the form of crowns, brooches etc. or getting them studded in their precious possessions. Today we bring forth some of the finest & expensive jewelries of the world irreplaceable and remarkable.

10.  Princess Diana’s Sapphire Ring: The Sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana holds a very significant and royal value for it was gifted to her by Prince Charles and is indeed an heirloom now passed on to Kate Middleton. This ring is worth $38,488.

9. Queen Marie’s shell-shaped brooch: This magnificent piece of jewelry is made out of Pecten shells, a genus of large scallops generally fossil shells. This is a monogram in the crown of queen and holds a significant place in the history of Russia. It was crafted by C. Faberge.

8. The Grand Necklace of Maharaja of Patiala: The magnificent necklace has “De Beers” diamond embedded as center piece which is the 7th largest diamond in the world. Weighing 925.62 carats this piece of jewelry would be estimated 30$ million in today’s date. However, all the diamonds and precious jewels have been taken out during 1998 and now restored with zircons.

7. Bow Brooch of Empress Eugenie: This precious piece of jewelry belongs to the Napoleon Era of 1885 who got it designed for his wife Empress, Eugenie. This beauty accessory is studded with old European diamonds.

6. The Lawrence Graff Ring: This is one of a kind ring which was bought by Lawrence Graff at an auction by Christie. This flower-shaped has a rare marron colored diamond in the center with octagonal shaped petals studded with diamonds. It is valued at 2.6$ million.

5. Sotheby’s Diamond Ring: With a selling price of more than 3$ million it is hard to imagine the magnanimous importance that this green diamond ring carries within. A rare green colored diamond that weighs 2.52 carats is the largest diamond ring to be ever auctioned at Sotheby’s.

4. Golconda Diamond earrings: They are also known as Imperial cushions because of their cushion shaped cut. These diamonds originate from the Golconda mines of India and crafted then. At present they have been won in a bidding with a whooping bid of 9.3$million at an auction at Christie’s jewels.

3. Wallis Simpson’s panther bracelet: This is a panther shaped bracelet once owned by King Edward VIII, and now it is valued at around 12$ million. Not accurately known, but it is rumored that now this finest piece is owned by Madonna.

2. Emerald and Diamond Tiara: This Tiara is believed to be of Emperor Napoleon’s wife and later on commissioned by German prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmack who gifted this tiara to his second wife Katherine in 1900’s. This tiara is studded with 11 pear shaped precious and rare emeralds of 500 carats in weight and have been bid at whooping 12.76$ million.

1. The Graff Pink: Who wouldn’t go mad and head over heels at the sight of this very precious diamond ring? It is popularly known as the Graff Pink because of its colour tone. This is one of the most expensive diamond ring in the world with an unbelievable price of 46$ million estimated in November 2010. Hard to believe that the price per carat of the diamond studded in this ring is 1.85$ million.


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