10 Best Indian Foods

India is famous for its cultural diversity that’s why you can diversity in its cuisines as well.  Below are some of the amazing Indian foods from various parts of India

1.      Chole Bhature

This lip-smacking Punjabi dish is a famous breakfast in majority of Punjabi homes. Delectable chick peas cooked in conventional Punjabi curry and spices together with fried bread is sufficient to slobber your taste buds. If you wish to acquire the real taste of Chole Bhature then take an excursion through constricted vibrant streets of Amritsar.

2.      Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the famous cuisines that is loved by all parts of Indian Territory. The spicy and tangy Butter Chicken Masala is a delight to taste buds since the exceptional flavor of spices for instance Kashmiri red chilli powder as well as fenugreek leaves will definitely instigate you to gobble more. Butter Chicken is made with the amalgamation of hefty amount of butter along with fresh cream to include thickness as well as richness in the savor of the gravy.

3.      Chaat

One thing that maintains the food sight ticking in India is its delectable street food, particularly in North India. Chaat is the renowned snack of North Indians that mesmerises everyone with its spicy and strong flavours. Apart from this, street food like gol gappas, dahi bhalla, kachori, samosas and aloo ki tikki are some of the other admired snacks that one should not miss.

4.      Rogan Josh

This is a famous dish of Kashmir and has a Persian origin. Rogan Josh is prepared from lamb meat; the name of the cuisine is taken from two Persian words i.e. rogan that means oil and josh that means extreme heat. As its name, this dish is prepared in oil at extreme heat. The spices that add flavor to this dish are cloves, cardamom, fennel, cloves and many more. The dish is mainly eaten with boiled rice.

5.      Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is one of the customary dishes of Rajasthan and definitely a pleasure to tummy and taste buds. For preparation of the Dal mixture of pulses is utilized, which is served together with the Bati that is made from wheat flour. The Churma add sweetness to the cuisine, which is cooked with semolina, wheat flour and ghee. These three dishes make a wholesome and delectable meal.

6.      Kadhi

Kadhi is favourite in almost all part of India, though the versions of Kadhi change in each region as somewhere it is sour, somewhere it is sweet and somewhere it is spicy. The kadhi is made by assimilation of gram flour in curd; after that it is cooked in simmer. The spices utilized in making kadhi induce foodies to munch it on again and again.

7.      Makki ki Roti and Sarsoan ka Saag

This is also one of the most liked dishes in India which is eaten mainly during winters. Makki di roti is a chapatti made from corn flour that is baked on a pan by adding some oil. While, Sarson ka saag is made by boiling spinach and mustard leaves then after grinding it is mixed in masala tadka.

8.      Rajma Chawal

This appetizing food is admired by people of almost all age groups all over India. Rajma is prepared by kidney beans by boiling and mixing them in masala and is served with steaming hot jeera rice. It is so yummy that it wakes your tastes bud and offers you great savor of aromatic spices.

9.      Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is basically a vegetarian substitute to meatballs. It flavors very well with jeera rice and butter naan. koftas (veggie balls) are prepared with a mixture of mashed potatoes, beans, carrots, paneer, sweet corn and peas. After wards these fried veggie ball are inserted in thick and creamy gravy.

10.  Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is a lip smacking rice cuisine that is a famous dish of Pearl City, Hyderabad. It is essentially a blend of Iranian and Mughali cuisine. Main ingredients that are used to prepare the dish are Basmati Rice, chicken, spices, yogurt, lemon, onion, saffron and coriander leaves. It is obtainable with manifold variants, where chicken is substituted by other meats and even converted into veg biryani by adding vegetable instead of meats. Most special part is the big vessel covered with lid and dough of wheat flour in which the dish is prepared.

Conclusion- Just munch on all above amazing foods of India to get the real taste of Indian spices.



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