Top 10 interesting facts about Amsterdam

Top 10 interesting facts about Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most incredible cities of Europe, has a beautiful combination of elegant bridges that are floral in nature along with impeccable architecture and laden canals. Along with these characteristics, there are a lot many other thought-provoking facts associated with this paradise city ‘Amsterdam’. Let’s have a look at some of the best and funny features of the city.

#10. Sinking in water

Yeah, you read it correctly, Amsterdam is built fully over water and this is really a surprising fact. Also, the soil that is present underneath is quite swampy and hence most of the buildings are somewhat lop-sided.

This is the reason why the buildings in Amsterdam are build over very long poles in order to prevent the sinking of the building.

#9. City of poles

A house with average size needs around 10 poles to get a proper support in this city. If we will start building a royal palace in Amsterdam, it will take around 13,659 poles to support it, thrilling right!! In fact the entire Amsterdam is built on total 11 million poles approximately.

#8. People know multiple languages

Amsterdam is a multicultural city and hence more than 85% residents of this city know more than 2 languages. The two common languages are English and Dutch. The third one commonly is German.

#7. Big poles have big people

Another amazing fact is that you can find the tallest people of the world in Amsterdam. Most of the men are having an average height of 184 cm and women are of around 170 cm. Most of these big height people are Dutch.

#6. Bikes all around

Amsterdam is called a bicycle-friendly city and is at the top level list for this in the world. In the inner city, almost around 60 percent of rides are covered by bike only. This is just good to see. Around 813,562 people live in Amsterdam but bicycles are almost around 1,000,000. What a bizarre it is!

#5. Coffee coffee everywhere

The residents of Amsterdam love drinking coffee. In the world, they are the second largest coffee consumers. Daily a person consumes on an average around 3.2 cups of coffee. The taste of coffee is just awesome over there.

#4. Safety first city- the Amsterdam

Among the 25 safest cities of the world, Amsterdam is the one. With all the prostitution and marijuana being practiced, still it is in this list. All these things are actually entertained there with fully controlled manner and there is no crime at all in the city.

Compare to other European cities, it has a very low crime rate. Hence, the safest city in the world always welcomes you.

#3. No smoking

From 2008, smoking tobacco has been totally banned in restaurants and cafes. But still, in the coffee shops, you can still get the weed. You can for a joint but if caught with tobacco, they will handle it their way.

#2. Free from LGBT

Being the first capital city that gave permission for the gay marriages, Amsterdam has given full rights to a lesbian as well as gay couples.

#1. Bridge central city

Amsterdam is called as the Venice of the north. It is having around 872 bridges more than Venice. All of them make it just an amazing place to go.

Amsterdam is full of amazing things and beautiful places. Along with this, there come many hidden facts that you can explore after going there. Visit it and you will be just amazed.

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