10 People with Amazing and Real Superpowers

10 People with Amazing and Real Superpowers

Since we all are young, we use to see many fictional characters which have superpowers in them. However, we all are not known with that these superpowers are not only comprised of these fictional characters but the real human beings in the world too. You will be amazed to know that there are people who have real superpowers and actually exist on earth. Below we have listed for you ten people with astounding real superpowers:

#10. Kevin Richardson- a man who can understand animals

Kevin, a lion whisperer, is a legend and has the ability for being befriending animals. The friendship of Kevin with lions, cheetahs and hyenas surprises all. He has also been filmed playing, sleeping and walking with them. His unique relationships with these wild animals have opened up many doors and enthralled the thoughts of numerous people all over the world.

#9. Harold Williams- a man with super linguistic powers

In a lifetime an ordinary person can learn multiple languages, maybe five or ten but Harold Williams is different from all others. He can speak about eighty languages and is known to be the most accompanied Polyglot in the history. Not only Harold, but many other persons are also blessed with this superpower, they are Joseph Caspar Messofanti, John Browning and many more.

#8. Daniel Browning – a rubber boy

Daniel holds many records like History network’s Stan Lee’s superhumans and the Guinness World Records for the most flexible man. He has the superhuman flexibility actually to acquire the art of contortion to novel heights. He has performed live at many concerts, colleges as well as trade shows. He had worked very hard to solidify his position with the rich history of the world of contortion.

#7. Stephen Wiltshire – a man with super photographic memory

Stephen is blessed with a unique mind and a photographic memory, and so he can remember everything he has seen. He is a person who can draw astounding landscapes which is just based on what he has seen. He only has to see a city once, and his drawing turns out to be same as it actually looks like a city. He draws every single building on its place and perfectly sized.  Not only buildings, but his drawing also includes arches, windows, doorways, and almost everything.

#6. Jesus Aceves- a real-life werewolf

Jesus Aceves, a man with an infrequent condition known as hypertrichosis which is a werewolf syndrome. He has to face a condition in which he has an abnormal amount of hair growth on his face as well as on his body. He is from a Mexican family in which there are in all 24 members who suffer from this rare condition. They work in a freak show in the circus to save themselves from poverty.

#5. Shakuntala Devi- a human-computer

Shakuntala Devi was an Indian mathematical wizard also known as a human computer. She has an ability to make extremely fast calculations. She also earned the place in The Guinness Book of World Records 1982 edition for her mathematical abilities. Her talents were so much impressive that she could efficiently perform calculations that even a computer system some timed filed to do.

#4. Natasha Demkina- with the extraordinary sight

Natasha, at just the age of ten, discovered her unique ability to have an x-ray vision eyes. Her x-ray sight only works at daytime; however, she cannot use her unusual sight to scan her own organs. As per experts her scanned diagnosed appeared to be more accurate than those made by professional experts.

#3. Ben Underwood- the boy with echolocation

Ben Underwood diagnosed with retinal cancer when he was just two years old. He had to remove his eyes; however, at the age of five, he taught himself echolocation. Now he has an ability to detect the location of the objects just by making frequent clicking noises with the help of his tongue. He died in 2009 built used to achieve many feats with echolocation such as playing basketball, running, and bicycle riding skateboarding.

#2. Al Herpin- a man who never sleeps

A rational human being will definitely collapse if he tries to avoid sleep for few days. However, Al Herpin is a man who apparently did not sleep all through his 94 years of lifespan. The cause of his sleeplessness is known, yet, as per scientists, it is linked with the injury his mother suffered prior to his birth. He is remembered by all like the person who never slept.

#1. Liew Throw Lin- Magnetic man

Liew is well-known as the magnetic man and is from Malaysia. He is known to be a magnetic man owing to his ability to stick metal objects to his body. As per the scientists from Malaysia, there is no magnetic field present in his body. However, his skin exhibits the high level of friction. This offers a suction effect, and so the objects stick on his body.

There are many more super humans who exists in the world and which are hard to believe. These people have some unbelievable abilities that wowed the people over the years.




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