Top 10 Health Benefits of Amla

Amla is a very common ingredient that is used for the preparation of many ayurvedic things including food items as well other accessories. This is an Indian fruit that in green colored and is also called as gooseberry. It comes in spherical shape and the taste can be a combination of slight bitterness with sour and acidic taste.

Amla is blessed with lot many benefits that make it a perfect for many medicinal purposes. It is very rich in the vitamin C antioxidant contents. You can also find substances like manganese, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A and chromium etc in Amla. Also, fresh Amla is a rich constituent of 80% water and has very fewer calories it. It comes in unlimited forms in the market and can be consumed as juice, pickle form, in form of fresh fruit or in dried form.

Although these features of Amla already describe its unlimited benefits, let’s have a look at its added features which make it so useful and popular:

#10. Improves  hair growth

Due to rich in Vitamin C, Amla helps in solving issues like loss of hair, premature graying, white hair and dull hair etc. the hair growth is increased due to the content of iron and carotene.

#9. Diabetes management

Amla is highly rich in chromium content and hence helps in blood sugar management. The body becomes more responsive to the insulin with intake of amla and hence the glucose levels are also leveled.

#8. Eyesight improvement

Eating amla every morning can make the eyesight very strong. The eye capillaries become very healthy due to the rich content of Vitamin C. the retinal cells function properly with regular intake of amla.

#7. Improved cognitive health

The memory can be boosted up and the cognitive system becomes strong with Amla as it has the high amount of antioxidants within it. The mental functioning improves and the brain gets nourishment with the intake of amla.

#6. Aging slows down

If amla is included regularly and properly in the diet, it can help in removing the signs of aging. The free radical amount is decreased from the body with the help of excess antioxidants present in amla. Thus aging signs like fine lines, spots, wrinkles etc are prevented.

#5. Immunity is boosted

Vitamin C which is helpful in reducing the number of free radicals is a major constituent of amla. It helps in preventing diseases like cancer, flu etc. The count of white blood cells is increased and thus the immune system becomes healthy.

#4. Cholesterol reduced

Cholesterol level is decreased in the body with regular amla intake in the body. Amla has pectin within it which has platelet aggregation and hence the cholesterol level is reduced.

#3. Heart becomes strong

The heart muscles become very strong with Amla and hence the blood is smoothly pumped in the entire body. With more iron present, more red blood cells are produced and hence stroke and heart attack risk is reduced.

#2. Oral health improves

Infections in the mouth like cavities, tooth decay etc are prevented with the intake of Amla. Vitamin C helps in fighting with all form of bacteria and infections and hence the mouth remains strong.

#1. Stops urinary problem

The renal system remains strong with amla. The volume and frequency of urination are increased as Amla is diuretic. Thus, all the toxins get flushed out via urination.

These are the 10 best benefits of amla which makes it so usable and healthy.

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