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Everybody wants their hair to look like as if perfected and preened by a salon professional, no matter the color, texture or style. In today’s hectic schedule people cannot give ample time for the hair care. In what way you wash your hair and what kinds of products you use to maintain your hair put a significant impact on your hair. Here are the ten tips for healthy hair which you should keep in mind to maintain healthy hair:

Ten Tips for healthy hair everybody should keep in mind

Ten Tips for healthy hair everybody should keep in mind

#10 .Protect your hair

You should always protect your hair from harsh sun rays, excessive heat, dirt, and pollution. These harsh things can lead up to dry hair and scalp and also grasp many kinds of infections. You can cover your hair with a scarf or an umbrella or a hat.

#9. Condition your hair regularly and the right way

Hair needs conditioning on a regular basis. Conditioners are actually the seal in the moisture content present in hair. Always keep in mind that conditioners should be used in the proper way as they are not meant for the scalp. Start conditioning nearly about two inches away from the scalp to get a healthy hair.

#8. Never tie your hair tightly, especially during bedtime

Always avoid too tight hairstyles as it can cause breakage and is the primary reason for hair breakage. The time you go to bed try to lose your braid and make a loose side braid instead. Never open your hair before sleep as it will create knots and leads to over brushing in the morning.

#7. Oil the scalp and also use the suitable hair mask

Oiling is the best tip to get healthy hair but does not overdo it as the excess of everything is harmful. The more you use oil, the more you use shampoo and which leads to strips out of natural oils from hair. You can also use suitable hair masks for healthy hair as it will relieve many hair problems. The types of hair masks can vary as per diverse hair types.

#6. Cold water is best for hair

Cold water is the best way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Instead, hot water will have an adverse effect on your hair in the same way as heat styling does. Room temperature water is best for your hair. You can also use a clarifying shampoo once in every month.

#5. Avoid using many products

Stop testing many products to your hair. Never test different products to your hair as it can damage them. Always choose a shampoo and conditioner formulated as per your hair types.

#4. Brush your hair in the proper way

Properly brushing your hair is an essential step to get healthy hair. Avoid using plastic bristles comb as it leads to hair breakage and damage.  Always brush your hair by starting from the end and removing tangles from the end as this technique to get  healthy hair is perfect and will definitely prevent breakage and leads to healthy and beautiful hair.

#3. Never brush wet hair

Never try to brush wet hair as it will make your hair three times weaker and which leads to hair breakage. Always keep in mind to dry towel hair and gently comb your hair with a full tooth hairbrush. Let our hair dry by itself and avoid using blow dryers or hot rollers as they are the main reasons for damaged hair. You can use the blow dryer in case of urgency and that too on low setting.

#2. Good diet

A proper diet is a primary tip for healthy hair. You should drink lots and lots of water and should also consume raw fruits as well as vegetables to get beautiful hair naturally.  The best home treatment to get healthy hair is to consume a good and healthy diet.

#1. Try to avoid crash diet

If you are on a crash diet, then it will definitely have an adverse impact on your hair. Crash diet wrecks your metabolism and leads to wreck on your hairline too. Proteins and vitamins are must be consumed nutrients for healthy hair. Crash diets let your body to avoid these essential nutrients necessary for healthy hair. So try to avoid crash diets as it will have an adverse effect on your hair.

There are many must use products for healthy hair which should not be avoided. To keep your hair healthy you have to take additional care of them. To maintain the healthy hair, you should give a bit of extra care and love to your hair.

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