10 High tech villages of India

10 High tech villages of India

Once Mahatma Gandhi said that the future of India lies in its villages. With these words, he wanted to say that India’s survival entirely depends on the well being and modernization of Indian villages. Nowadays Indian villages tried a lot to change and also adapted the alterations like renewable energy and organic farming, without losing their values and traditions. We have listed below top ten high tech Indian villages which adapted the changes for the betterment of society:

#10. Ramchandrapur in Telangana

Ramchandrapur in Telangana is a village which received the Nirmal Puraskar in 2004 , as the decades ago the villagers pledged to donate their eyes to visually challenged people.  The houses in the village comprise smokeless chullahs, as well as all tools in the village, have tap water facility. The village is the first one to solve their drinking eater problem by constructing subsurface dyke on close by the river and made two overhead tanks in every house. Surprisingly community did not enclose any drainage system while all water generates from the homes is diverted towards the gardens planted by villagers itself in each house.

#9. Punsari in Gujarat

Punsari village in Gujarat is known to be one of the most developed Indian villages which put most metro cities to shame. Punsri village is no NRI blessed zone and boasts mini bus commute system along with many other facilities provided to people like wifi, CCTV as well as AC Classrooms.

#8. Khonoma in  Nagaland

Khonoma village in Nagaland is known to be India’s premier eco-village where logging and hunting are banned entirely. This village is known to be the first green Indian village. It comprises about 250 plant species which include 84 wild fruits, about 70 medicinal purpose plants, about 16 wild vegetables, nine types of mushrooms along with five natural dyes plants. There are about 204 species of trees among which 45 varieties of orchids, 11 of cane and about 19 of bamboo variety.

#7. Kokrebellur in Karnataka

A small Indian village located in Maddurtaluk of Karnataka is Kokrebellur is said to be India’s most wealthy village. This Indian village believes in conservation of nature and presents its love towards birds. This village takes pride in birds that fly around their crops, on the other hand, many people in other villages find it a nuisance as birds affect crops adversely. For a wounded bird, there is a small area created b the villagers so that they can heal and rest.

#6. Chamravattom in Kerala

Chamravattom is recognized as India’s first computer literate village located in Kerala. It is first 100 percent computer literate Indian village as about 850 families here finished basic computer literacy training, and everybody can handle a personal computer here. They can do many things on the system like creating and editing images, compose text along with specially designed Malayalam language tool, can send an email and can surf internet easily.

#5. Pothanikkad in Kerala

Pothanikkad village is recognized as the first Indian village with 100 percent literacy. About 17563 residents are living in the village, and proudly all are educated. Though many Indian villages lack the standard facilities, this village has many high standards high schools along with public and private schools.

#4. Mawlynnong in Meghalaya

This is a tiny village in Meghalaya which grasped the reputation of the cleanliest Village in Asia. The village presents a shy walk over a bridge which was constructed with all natural materials. You will not see any kind of dust or any type of waste papers.

#3. Hiware Bazaar in  Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

Hiwari Bazaar village is located in Maharashtra and is known to be the wealthiest Indian village with more than 60 millionaires. All the transformation of this village is because of one man named Popatrao Pawar as he banned all addictive substances to minimize the expense. He also encourages the villagers to invest their earnings in rainwater harvesting, milch cattle, and many more things. There is hardly any poor in this Indian village surprisingly.

#2. Kathewadi in  Maharashtra

Kathewadi is an Indian village located in Maharashtra which transformed itself into a model village. The alcohol consumption rate in the village dropped down to zero owing to the changes made in the art of living of the people. They also initiated the donation box scheme which is used to setup or else maintains the shops which are without a shopkeeper.  The money saved from alcohol is collected in the donation box and is utilized to build toilets for all houses in the villages.

#1. Dharnai in  Bihar

Dharnai is the Indian village located in Bihar which has developed its solar-powered system and is known to be the first entirely solar-powered village in India. It also declared itself as an energy independent village earlier here students have not to limit their studies to just daytime. The village beat thirty years of darkness with the development of its own solar powered system.

Heart and soul of India reside in the villages, and the unspoiled beauty and charm of these villages are what makes them unique. The best part is that the villages in India transformed itself and have been successful in achieving the exceptional levels of development while maintaining its old charm.

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