Top Ten Most Weird World Records












Top Ten Most Weird World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records has started keeping a record since 1955 of some amazing achievements that people have made from the most insane ones to the weird ones. The records of the man with spoons around him to the man with bees covered all around, these records always have something thrilling and amazing in them which lets the Guinness book enters them in its list.

Here is the list of Top Ten Most Weird World Records that have been accumulated in Guinness book. Have a look at them below:

#10. Biggest airplane eater

Can you even imagine a person eating a plane? This needs to be definitely one of the world’s weirdest records. Michel Lotito has the privilege of holding this record. He is the only person who has ever made this record. His stomach lining is twice the thickness of the average man’s lining. He ate Cessna 150 in the year 1990.

#9. A man with 50 spoons

Etibar Elchiyev in the year 2011 in December made the record of getting 5o metal spoons magnetized to his body. He is now known popularly as magnet man due to his power to attract things like a magnet.

#8. Rattlesnakes full in the mouth

In the year 2009, Jackie Bibby took total 11 live rattlesnakes in his mouth. He did this act in front of live audience and out of 11 not even a single snake bite him. It was really a shocking act but yes a very thrilling one.

#7. Full body in the chill snow

Jin Songhao made the weird record of staying in snowy China for a total time duration of 46 minutes and 7 seconds. He just wore a pair of shorts along with a hat and sunglasses. For the entire time period of inside the snow just eating spicy curry and drinking beer so that he could gain some warmth.

#6. Most hula hoopers in one spot

Hula hooping is just a small form of exercise and a group of 4,483 people though the same before starting it. In the year 2013, February, these people swung their back together for a continuous time span of 7 minutes at Thammasat University in Bangkok.

#5. Longest nails of finger

Chris Walton has the record of having longest fingernails of measurement of her left hand as 10 feet and 2 inches and the right hand as 9 feet and 7 inches. 19 years ago she stopped cutting her nails.

#4. Biggest flag

The biggest flag of the world with measurement 1,146 feet long and as tall as 744 feet was created in Clinceni, Romania. It is till now the largest flag of the world which is as long as 8 American football fields.

#3. Biggest aquarium

In Singapore, the biggest aquarium in the world can be found. This fish tank has around 80,000 animals and that too from around 800 different varieties of species. This tank has around 42.9 million liters of water in it.

#2. Man with bees

She Ping a Beekeeper from China made the record of covering his entire body with 331,000 bees which is a really weird record.

#1. Biggest onion

Pete Glazebrook had the largest onion of 17 pounds with him. Many people tried but couldn’t break his record of growing that large onion.

Though amazing, these all are the weirdest records ever find in the world.

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