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Ten Best Hollywood action movies

Hollywood action movies always offer and flee from the reality by transferring us something very different. The movies always showed us more gunfire, explosions along with much crazy stuff. There are many action movies released till date, but there are some who made a mark. Below is the list of top ten Hollywood action movies till date:

#10.Saving Private Ryan

This is Steven Spielberg’s classic which is recognized as the universally appreciated movie. It is actually a war drama like no other and a mission to save Private First Class James Ryan. The movie was one of the biggest blockbusters of all time and has 11 Academy Award nominations in the bag. It is known to be the best war film ever made till date which has pleased audience on both sides of the aisle.

#9. Predator

Predator is known to be one of the best action movies in Hollywood. Directed by John McTiernan and showcased Schwarzenegger performing Dutch, an elite commando who has to complete his task by extracting kidnapped hostages group from a military base. The movie was a huge hit and made Schwarzenegger’s reputation as a fantastic action hero. This best Hollywood movie received rave reviews from audiences as well as critics.

#8.Lethal Weapon

The movie Lethal Weapon started Danny Glover and Mel Gibson who was a pair of mismatch cops who have to stop a gang of drugs smugglers. The director of the movie brought terrific performances from both lead characters. The film was ranked as one of the highest grossing film of 1987 and received intense love from the audience.

#7. Aliens

Aliens a revolutionary Hollywood movie and was one of the first sci-fi horrors ever released till date. The movie showcased many excellent performances done by Sigourney Weaver. Movie director James Cameron was to create a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Aliens, but In place of creating a sequel the director made a dramatic change and made an action movie the redefined the whole game. The movie was a huge hit and presented spirited performances .since then Cameron was known to be one of the finest Hollywood directors of action movies.

#6. The Matrix

The matrix was a movie which changed the fate of two brothers and made them among the list of top Hollywood hot list. The movie is about a hacker Neo trying to hack Morpheus, a terrorist. The movie is an amazing combination of excellent special effects, an exciting storyline and flawlessly choreographed action scenes. The movie is said to be the most stylish action movies ever made till date.

#5. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is recognized as the best superhero movie till date .the movie is said to have changed the action movie face of Hollywood forever.  The movie presented an implausible grounded Batman. The movie was centered on Batman and his relationship with the Joker. 

#4. The Terminator

In the movie, The Terminator Schwarzenegger performed the villainous cyborg that was sent in the past to kill a woman before she gives birth to the head of the human resistance. This was the movie which marked as the signature line of the hero. The success of this Hollywood action movie led to numerous sequels and also TV series.

#3. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Spielberg, the director of the movie after making Close Encounters of the Third Kind turned his attention to the action genre and made this movie. This movie is known to be one of the biggest hits of 1975 and bagged Spielberg his first Oscar nominations. The movie followed Jones along with his compatriots the time they traveled the world to track down lost Ark of the Covenant at the time of battling the Nazis. It was said that Harrison Ford delivered his one of the best performances till dates and audience loved the movie too.

#2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 2 once again brought back Arnold to perform as a relentless killing machine who was back in time from future to modify the past. In this movie, he was performing to safeguard the future from computer AISkynet. The movie showcased much better and improved scenes with special effects, script, and direction. Both Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton offered their best performances ever. It was the huge hit worldwide, and critics also enjoyed the movie.

#1. Die Hard

Die hard one of the best Hollywood action movies in which Bruce Willis performed as Officer John McClane who tried to rescue his wife from a group of German terrorists. He was fantastic in his role, very easy going, likable as well as badass. Audiences appreciated his work and thus became the most popular action movie char cater till date. The movie was among the biggest hits of 1989, and the direction of the movie was especially appreciated a lot.

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