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Amazing Top 10 Best Websites/ Interesting top Websites

We all surf the internet regularly but mostly stay glued to Facebook and YouTube. However, there are 644 million websites and at least 360 million of them are in English. There are some really cool and amazing websites out there no one much visits. Most of them render useful services or are plain quirky.

Here is a list of 10 amazing best websites

1. # 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is a temporary email service that lasts for exactly 10 minutes. It is useful if you have to use an email ID for verification but worry about spam. The email address and the account with its messages cease to exist after 10 minutes.

2. #Awkward Family Photos

If you are mad at your Uncle Bob for his antics during Fourth of July weekend post the picture here for revenge. On the other hand, just visit it for fun and some laughter. It makes you realize your family is not the only one that gets into strange situations.

3. #Time and Date

It is a very useful website about a day, date, time and calendars. It has a guide to understanding time zones with a map and calculators such as countdown to date calculator and duration between two dates. You can also find details of moon phases and other useful data here.

4. #Reelgood

With so much entertainment available one gets easily confused about what to watch and where to find it. Reelgood an entertainment search engine comes to the rescue with a list of programs on Netflix, Hulu, Amaxon and also Fox, CBS, HBO. The website also displays IMDB ratings and a short summary of the content.


IMGUR is basically known as an online image sharing service so that you can share your photos with your friends and family. However, using it you can generate a GIF file of any YouTube or streaming video.


6. #MathWay

MathWay is a wonderful tool to help with Math problems of all types be it from algebra or trigonometry. An onscreen keyboard lets you enter the equation you want to solve in a jiffy and it even balances chemical equations.

7. #TinyURL

The best URL shortener out there. It takes a long URL and changes it to a few characters making them easy to share on Twitter and Instagram. Although TinyURL has been present on the web for a long while it is only recently that its popularity has taken off due to its use on social media.

8. #Account Killer

Should you want to leave your social media life behind or just cease to have an account on the internet the AccountKiller website tends to it. It provides details on how to delete your accounts everywhere from Gmail to Twitter and Facebook. If you want to ever disappear and become a monk this is the website to go to.

9. #Radio Garden

If you ever want to listen to radio services from around the world click this website. It displays a map of the world and you can scroll to find radio from anywhere. Great way to get exposure to other cultures of the world.

10. #Have I Been Pawned

With the huge number of security breaches and data theft on the internet, it is hard to be sure if one has been hacked. Have I Been Pawned checks if your email ID or name appears on any of the data thefts the details of which have been made public?

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