10 Amazing facts about Reality Show Big Brother

Watching TV series with friends and popcorn really makes a day beautiful. And when it is a TV series like Big Brother, there are no words to describe the fun you have. One of the most interesting Dutch reality TV series, Big Brother is what everyone loves to watch.

Since the year 1999, this TV series is making the viewers its die-hard fan. Rather than a reality show, Big Brother is like a challenge wherein 12 contestants live in the house away from family and friends. The motto is to win $500,000.

Do you want to some really unknown facts about Big Brother? Read below:

#10. No TV, internet or phone calls

How can you stay without TV, radio or internet in a house? Big Brother participants have to stay without paper, internet, TV, radio or even utensils. They just have the chess for their entertainment. Moreover, they can read only the Holy Bible.

#9. Only basic facilities

To train the contestants to fight against social tension, the house has basic facilities such as food, water, and furniture. There were no luxury items in the 1st season. The reason was to see the potential of the contestants to stay in limited resources.

#8. Contestants can’t sing or quote any movies

Due to the copyright reasons, the contestants are warned not to sing any song or intimate any movie scenes.

#7. Airing in different countries

The first season of Big Brother aired in the Netherlands. Thereafter, the series has in different countries.

#6. Supervision

The contestants are supervised strictly once they are selected. They are not allowed to talk and their wallets and IDs are taken. They have to watch old episodes of series to prepare themselves.

#5. Period

Big Brother has many seasons. Each season is for a period of 3 months and there are 10 to 20 participants in the house every season who are called housemates or houseguests in different countries.

#4. Participants are paid

Every contestant gets paid whether he/she is the winner or not. Each contestant gets $750 every week, the runner-up gets $50,000 and the winner gets $500,000.

#3. Monitoring the activities of the contestants

While the contestants are inside the house, their activities are constantly monitored by TV cameras put inside the house. There are also personal audio microphones to check their activities.

#2. Contestants’ wedding

In the season 11 of Big Brother, there were 2 participants namely Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. They also took part in season 13. Later, Jeff proposed to Jordan and both got married in the year 2016.

#1. HD view

The season 16 premiere aired in HD view. 14 miles of HD cables were put in the house by removing all 80 cameras. The production unit took 3 years to shift the series to HD view.

These are some weird facts about Big Brother which many of us don’t know. Apart from this, this series reveals the capacity of the people to mix in different social groups and how they can stay without luxuries, comforts, and facilities.


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