Top 10 adventures park of the world

Top 10 adventures park of the world

The amusement park is one of the most entertaining places for spending time with family and friends. Water rides, pools, roller coaster and food corners will lift your mood and you can rejuvenate yourself. After working for a long time, all of us think to have a family trip. Most of us would choose the places which have amusement parks, beaches, animal zoos and much more. If you want to have a fun time with family, you can choose some of the best adventure parks listed below.

#10. Gardaland, Italy- The Land of Fantasies

Covering a large area, Gardaland is a beautiful amusement park in Italy. It was constructed in the year 1975. There are 32 rides in this park. Some of the major attractions in this park are Blue Tornado, Raptor, Magic Fountain and others. You can also enjoy entertainment shows here. Gardaland is one of the most popular adventure parks in the world as per Forbes.

#9. Walibi, Brussels, Belgium

The next amusement park on the list is Walibi which is a breathtaking theme park situated in Brussels, Belgium. You can enjoy the scenic views near Radja River. While in this park, you should not miss Psyske Underground which runs at the speed of 85km/h. The greenery in Walibi amusement park is just mesmerizing and you will feel fresh after visiting this park.

#8. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Bay Lake, Florida

If you want to explore more of Disney world, you should visit this park in Florida. There is a Cinderella castle in this park which will give you a magical experience. There are many places of interest such Splash Mountain, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and more. You can enjoy the adventures of Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh at this park with your family.

#7. Universal Studios, Japan

Situated in Osaka, Japan, Universal Studios is a famous tourist attraction in Asia. It has amazing tourist attractions such as Hollywood Dream which is a backward roller coaster and Spider-man adventure. Additionally, there is Biohazard which is taken from the video game theme and is a famous attraction in this park. More than 11 million visitors come to this park every year.

#6. Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

The next on the list is Aquaventure waterpark where the fun waits for you. Immerse yourself in the beautiful water rides with views of sharks swimming all around the water. Enjoy the soul-soothing experience with nature, pools and palm trees surrounding this amusement park. There are also adrenaline-pumping rides.

#5. Alton Towers, UK

Alton Towers in the UK is one of the most interesting places for spending time with family and kids. You can enjoy in water rides or in cannons. The park includes 7 roller coasters in all. You can spend a day in the tropical pool with nature touching your soul. This amusement park has green trees all around it which give a mesmerizing feel.

#4. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

One of the most popular adventure parks of Europe, Tivoli Gardens has many fascinating rollercoasters. They are made from wood which is a unique feature. There is also a swing ride, The Star Flyer in which you can enjoy the views of the city. There is a looping plane ride where you have to control the plane. The park has the world’s first Condor 2GH.

#3. Europa Park, Germany

With over 100 rides, Europa Park is one of the most famous theme parks in Europe. There are various colored fountains in the park. The major tourist attractions in this park include roller coasters, fairyland, and haunted houses. The park organizes various animal shows, parades, puppet shows and musical shows for the visitors. There are many restaurants and food joints in the park which will refresh you after a tiring day.

#2. Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland is the most popular theme parks to spend time with family and friends. You can do many exciting things in this park such as meet fairy-tale princesses and sail with pirates and dive into the ocean. Surrounded by colorful flowers, this theme park will give you really a pleasant experience. You can also enjoy shopping in this park.

#1. Universal Studios, Singapore

At number 1, it is the Universal Studios which is a nice place to visit with family and friends. It includes many haunted houses and you can enjoy horror shows here. There are many other attractions such as Kiddy Ferris Wheel, Treasure Hunters and Rock Climb.

These are some of the most beautiful adventure parks with smart rides and other adventures. You can choose any time during the whole year to visit these parks. The roller coasters, water rides, panoramic views of nature, musical shows and delicious food all together make these parks more elegant. You should visit these amusement parks with your family once in a lifetime.

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