Interesting facts about Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

China introduces Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the world’s largest sea bridge. Just a few hours back, Chinese President Xi Jinping made an official announcement of the opening of this bridge. It took 9 years to construct this bridge. There were more than hundreds of guests present while making this announcement.

Connecting Hong Kong to Macau, this bridge covers the distance of 55 km. The total cost incurred in the construction of this bridge is more than $20bn. It will be unveiled on Wednesday. We will further discuss the features of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and other facts about it.

Special facts of the bridge

#10. The strength of the bridge

This bridge can withstand even the most powerful earthquakes and other natural calamities. The making of this building includes 400,000 tons of steel. This amount of steel can build more than 60 Eiffel Towers.

#9. Length of the bridge undersea

More than 30 km of the length of this bridge comes under the sea. There is a middle dip section of about 6.7 km especially for ships to travel. There are 2 artificial islands in between this section. The other section includes viaducts, land tunnels and link roads by which this sea bridge can be connected to the main bridge.

#8. Bridge not open for public transport

The purpose of constructing this bridge is to reduce the time of traveling from Zhuhai and Hong Kong.It is not open for public transport. People who want to travel on this bridge have to take permits as per quota system. There is a toll tax which has to be paid by the vehicles on this bridge.

#7. Transport

There are private buses which run on this bridge. More than 9,000 vehicles will travel on this bridge daily.China planned the construction of this massive sea bridge by collaborating with Macau, Hong Kong and other cities of Southern China.

#6. An upcoming project to reduce traffic

Another bridge is yet to be constructed in the near future namely Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge. It will be finished by the year 2024. This will automatically reduce the traffic on Hong Kong- Zhuhai Sea Bridge. This will give the public an ease of traveling on the bridge.

#5. Huge construction cost


The total estimated cost of the bridge was $7.56 billion. About $4.32 billion were raised as bank loans. The government of Hong Kong contributed $1.38 billion; Zhuhai government offered the loan of $1.43 billion and Macau provided the loan of $0.43 billion.

#4. Environmental issues with  Bridge


Since the opening of this world’s largest sea bridge, there have been many criticisms in one or the other way. There is a huge population of Chinese white dolphin in the Pearl River Delta. According to some environmentalists, this bridge is a threat to the white dolphins. On the other hand, the officials deny this thing saying that the bridge has been built away from the areas where the dolphins reside.

#3. Yawn cameras


The bridge has a special arrangement especially when the thing is about safety. It is said that special cameras are going to be fitted on this sea bridge for the drivers who sleep while driving the vehicles. There will be yawn cameras which will make the authorities more alert if the driver yawns thrice.

To provide safety from terrorist attacks or other incidents, the bridge will get 48 HD surveillance cameras. These cameras will help the police when any terror attack takes place on the bridge. These cameras will help the drivers to divert their ways in case of emergencies.

#2. Maintenance cost


The cost of construction of this sea bridge along with other links roads and bridges is $20billion. Chinese experts are of the opinion that this bridge will fetch an income of 10 trillion yuan each year. On the other hand, Hong Kong officials do not agree on this fact. The maintenance cost of the bridge is expected to be 1/3rd part of the total income of the bridge. While some critics say that there is no guarantee of income from the bridge.

#1. Master Plan

It was China who got the plan first to make Greater Bay area of its own. This idea was adopted by China from countries such as Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco. China came up with this idea in the year 2009. But due to a lot of controversies, the plan of construction of this sea bridge was delayed.

There are both positive and negative impacts of this bridge as per the officials, environmentalists and the general public. It will surely reduce the traveling time for commuters but there are also some drawbacks to the white dolphins as per some critics. This massive bridge by China is an example of how all the countries can come together for the betterment of the world.

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