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India is one of the most developing nations of the world. Some days back, we were blessed with the tallest statue of the world, the Statue of Unity and now, it is Delhi’s Signature Bridge. It is a gigantic bridge serving as a link between Wazirabad and inner parts of the city across the river Yamuna. The inauguration of this bridge was done by the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal on 4th November 2018. When the country is celebrating auspicious moments of Diwali, the introduction of this bridge adds to the beauty of India. Let us study the facts about Delhi’s Signature Bridge.

  1. More a tourist attraction

This bridge will be much beneficial for those who want to travel from northern parts of Delhi to northeastern. It will reduce much of the time of the commuters who have to travel for their work or for any other purpose. The bridge is built in such a way that the people can enjoy the beautiful views of the city. There are 4 elevators constructed especially for the people who want to reach the above level of the bridge.

  1. Tied with cables

One of the most amazing facts about Delhi’s Signature Bridge is that is a first asymmetrical bridge in India which is connected with the help of cables. The bridge is shown with “Namaste” symbol to welcome all the people wholeheartedly. After some time, this bridge will turn into an elegant tourist spot.

  1. Selfie spots

What is the fun of any new place without selfies? This huge Delhi’s Signature Bridge will have special selfie spots for the selfie lovers. Normally, the popular tourist spots do not allow people to take selfies but contrary to that, this bridge has spots where you can take amazing photos with your family members and friends. The selfies with the amazing views of Delhi will be a memorable moment for a lifetime. Due to selfie spots, this bridge is likely to become a popular tourist spot in the coming years.

  1. Construction material

The bridge is made from steel plate which measures 250 mm. It has 8 lanes which connect Wazirabad Road and Outer Ring Road. It is listed as one of the most modernized landmarks in Delhi. With the introduction of this bridge, the traveling time will reduce by half an hour so that people can anywhere earlier than before. This bridge is a big step to help the common people in making their lives easier and better.

  1. Delay in construction

The completion of Delhi’s Signature Bridge took quite a long time. The proposal of its construction came in the year 2004. Later after 3 years in the year 2007, Delhi government gave the approval to construct this bridge. First, the project was to be completed in the year 2010 after which the formalities related to environmental clearance were also completed. The deadline was again set in the year 2013 due to some reasons and later, it was revised to the year 2015.

With AAP government rule in Delhi, the project’s deadline was the year 2017. It was again revised to March 2018 and then to October 2018. Finally, the bridge was completed in November 2018.

  1. Elements of bridge

With 127 strands of cables, this massive bridge has spherical bearings of weight more than 17,000 tons. It also consists of pendulum bearing which is able to carry the weight of 6,300 tons. It has a pylon base which is comfortable for the vehicles to move.

  1. Graphics

One of the most amazing features of Delhi’s Signature Bridge is the beautiful graphics on it. These graphics show the developments in today’s India and the future developments which will be done in the country. This bridge is a symbol of Digital India which we will see within a short period of time. In addition to that, there will be a box constructed on this bridge from which the tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views of Delhi. It will be made from glass with the height of 154-meter which is 2 times longer than Qutub Minar.

  1. Expensive project

The total cost of the project was estimated for Rs 880 crore which rose in the years 2013 by 1,100 crore. Finally, the latest estimation is about 1575 crore. The Delhi High Court condemned this act and warned the tourism and Public Works Department to complete the whole project without any increase in the estimated budget. It is so far, one of the most expensive projects in India as per Delhi High Court.

  1. Routes decided

After the inauguration of Delhi’s Signature Bridge by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, the bridge got new routes. One route will take you from ISBT and Timapur to another part which Khajuri Khas. Some other routes will open connecting the places in northeastern parts of Delhi and northern Delhi. It will reduce the traffic as well as save much of the time.

10.Increase in economy

This bridge will become a popular tourist place in Delhi soon. With viewing box and selfie spots, this huge bridge will gain much attention and popularity not only from local residents but also from the people all over the country. Many foreigners will also visit this bridge within a short time. This is a big step towards developing the economy of India. Even the tourism department will get more profits with the completion of this project.


Proposed to be built in the year 2004, Delhi’s Signature Bridge finally opened in the year 2018. It also has drones to check the traffic updates. Delhi government spent a huge amount on building this bridge.

With a reduction in time, pollution and traffic, the bridge is also a nice place to hang out with family members and friends. With the introduction of such projects each day, India is stepping rapidly towards the developments. Such projects and expansions are true signs of developing India.

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