15 People who look younger than their real age

Age cannot be stopped and with age, one gets the wrinkles and blemishes on the face. When a person gets older, his/her looks clearly show that. There are various habits and things which change with the growing age. They may be food habits or some others.

There are some people in the world who have younger looks than others. They look young even at the old age. Some of the reasons for their younger looks include consuming healthy foods, using anti-ageing creams and serums and genes. Let us have a glance at some of the people in the world which look younger than their actual age.

1. Ernestine Shepherd

American bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd is 82 years old. But looking at her, you will not feel so. She was once the oldest female bodybuilder in the globe. At such an old age, Ernestine Shepherd is very active. Her younger looks are due to a healthy diet which includes chicken, boiled eggs and vegetables.

2. Chaundo Tan

The next on the list is a hot and dashing Instagram personality from Singapore, Chaundo Tan. His younger looks made him the most followed personality on Instagram with more than 772k followers. Chaundo Tan is a singer as well as a model. His real age is 50 years but his charming personality tells a different story.

3. Rita Rusic

Rita Rusic is an actress and producer from Croatia. She started her career with movie Attila flagella di Dio. Later, she acted in many films. Rita is also a singer and producer of more than 80 films. She is 57 years old but it is difficult to believe, isn’t it?

4. NandanaSen

A beautiful Indian actress is next on the list. She is also a screenwriter and activist. She featured in about 20 good movies. This 51 years old actress looks much younger than her real age. Her outstanding performance in movies has won her many awards. NandanaSen’s younger looks are just killing.

5. Annette Larkins

Annette Larkins is a beautiful American actress. She has acted in some of the best movies such as The Doctors and Steve Harvey. Her younger looks do not tell in any way that is she is 75 years old. Annette Larkins revealed in an interview that she consumes vegan dishes which make her look younger than the real age.

6. Masako Mizutani

Masako Mizutani is a gorgeous Japanese model which looks younger even at the age of 43 years. She stated in an interview that the secret of her boundless beauty is the routine which she follows. She is also selective about her beauty products. Her younger looks have gained her fans from all over the world.

7. Ellen Ector

Ellen Ector is a fitness trainer who looks younger than her age. She is presently 63 years old. Ellen has 5 kids and 4 grandchildren in all. Ellen Ector worked as a social worker for 20 years after which she jumped into the career of fitness training. Ellen Ector’s younger looks made her famous personality on Instagram.

8.Wang Deshun

The next on the list is Chinese actor, Wang Deshun. He spent many years in theatre and later, he began his career in painting. His artworks also became famous in France, Germany, and South Korea. Wang Deshun stated that he worked hard for 3 years to make his body strong. He also walked in China Fashion Week.

9.Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is 74 years old American actress and model. Even at the age of 70 years, she appeared in many advertising campaigns for Lord and Taylor, H&M and others. She also worked as co-hostess in one of the TV shows. Currently, Lauren Hutton does TV commercials.



Tao-Porchon Lynch is a yoga Master from the United States. She is 100 years old now. She started doing yoga at the age of 8 years. Tao Porchon-Lynch reveals that yoga has given her beautiful younger looks even at the old age. She has also won awards in yoga field.

11.Eveline Hall


At 72 years, Eveline Hall is still beautiful and charming. She worked in Opera earlier. Eveline Hall was an actress 

in Thalia Theater. She did many modelling assignments at the age of 60 years. Her younger looks are the main reason she is popular with talk shows and fashion magazines even today.

12. Tatyana Nekludova

You won’t believe but Tatyana Nekludova is 61 years old today. She is as beautiful as she was in her 20s. This gorgeous lady is a mother of 2 kids and has 3 grandchildren. Tatyana started her career as an engineer but at the age of 60 years, she got a chance to act in a movie.

13. Julia Hawkins

Julia Hawkins is 101 years old lady from Louisiana. She is a gardener and a cyclist. She ran in Louisiana Senior Olympic event and completed the race in just 19 seconds. Even at 101 years, Julia has confidence in herself and she always prepares herself for some of the other sports.

14.Robert Marchand

 Robert Marchand is an enthusiastic French cyclist. He is presently 106 years old. He started his career as a firefighter. After some years, he became a lorry driver. At the age of 100 years, he practised cycling and later, Robert made a record by covering 24 km in just one hour.

15. Majorie Gilbert

The last on the list is a not any celebrity or star but a common woman. Vogue put the photo of Majorie on its cover page on its 100th edition. She just took one photograph of hers at the age of 100 years.


These are the people who have younger looks even in their older ages. In spite of being old, they prove to the world that passion and zeal in a person will make him/her successful. They are real inspirations to the world. These people teach us that age is not a bar.

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