Top 10 interesting facts about France




France is one of the largest countries in the continent of Europe. With a population of more than 67 million, France is a highly advanced nation in the world in terms of tourism, agriculture, urbanization, technology, and education. Whether it is art or music, France is the land of many famous painters, musicians, revolutionaries, writers, and others. It is home to many cultural sites, nature spots, castles, ski resorts, and heritage sites. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations visited by more than 6 million people annually. There are many weird and interesting facts about France which you do not know.

#10. Death punishment with Guillotine

Somewhere between the 17th and 18th century, the guillotine was used to chop off the heads of the murderers, thieves and the people who committed serious crimes. It was shockingly an official manner to punish offenders. In the year 1981, this death penalty was completely abolished. The interesting fact is that the last execution with guillotine took place in France in the year 1977. The person to get guillotine death penalty was from Tunisia whose name was HamidaDjandoubi.

#9. One can marry a dead person

It is quite weird but it is true. One can marry the dead partner in France. But the only thing is that the person should be able to prove that the dead person had the intention to marry while he was alive. After proving this, the French president grants permission to marry the deceased. Such a case occurred in the year 2017 when the partner of the gay policeman received permission to marry the partner.





#8. Women were banned from wearing pants in France

One of the most interesting facts about France is that the French society used to be very strict to women in the earlier times. There was inequality in French society somewhere in the 19th century.  The women were not allowed to wear pants except for riding a bike or horse. This law was introduced in the 19th century in France but is not enforced now. This shows how French society treated women in ancient times.

#7. The ban on throwing unsold food items

One of the best facts of France is that it has the law not to throw or burn unsold food. The law came into force in February 2016 that shops and supermarkets should distribute such unsold food items to the charity organization and banks. France is the 1st country in the world to introduce this law. It is the good law by France which can save many unsold items and can be utilized too.

#6. French oldest person

France has the oldest women named Jeanne Calment. She was born on 21st February in the year 1875 and died on 4th August 1997. She had a long life of 122 years. Throughout her life, she saw many events such as the opening of Eiffel Tower in the year 1889, both the World Wars, the introduction of electronics such as television, and development of motor cars and aeroplanes. People in France have a higher life expectancy.

#5.Costly taxi licenses

Paris is one of the costliest cities in the world. It can be proved from the number of the driver which the city has. As per the studies, the taxi drivers in Paris have to pay more than 200,000 euros for taking their licenses. It is really a big amount for a mere license. This is one of the major reasons why Paris has very few drivers. This is one of the interesting facts about France which you might not be aware of.

#4. Same-sex marriage was approved in 2013

By reading all the facts about France, we can say that French society is very orthodox and conservative in nature. The same-sex marriage was made legal in the country in the year 2013. When French president Francoise Holland made this announcement, many people supported the decision by way of polls but made protests on the road thereafter. Many of them didn’t like the idea of same-sex marriage decision.

#3. One of the largest wine producers

Wine lovers don’t know but France produces over 50 billion hectoliters wine every year. It has numerous vineyards in many cities which makes it one of the biggest wine producers in the globe. Every year, there is a competition between Italy and France to see which country produced more wine. In the year 2015, France produced about 47 hectoliters wine. There is always a difficulty to see which country produces more wine.

#2. One of the largest cheese producers

This is totally unknown fact about France. The country produces about 1,200 various types of cheese every year. Goat cheese is produced on a large scale in France and it belongs to the period of 500 AD. Somewhere in the 13th century, Emmental, a kind of hard farm cheese was produced. There is also a famous French proverb which says “unfromage par jour de I’annee” which means every day there is a new kind of cheese for the whole year.

#1. French people eat a lot of snails

One of the most interesting facts about France is that the French people consume more than 30,000 tonnes of snails every year. From this, approximately 1,000 tonnes come from France which is served with parsley and butter. There are only 100 registered snail farms in the country until now. The other snails are taken from the fields of Eastern Europe.



These are some of the interesting facts about France which are funny and weird as well. This country also follows the highest time zones and has a rich culture too. Many notable people in the ancient times belonged to this land. This country also saw many battles. It also has a significant historical background. You must pay a visit to this stunning place to explore its beauty, castles, palaces, gardens, vineyards and much more.

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