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Canada is known for its extreme cold weather. It is a highly advanced nation of the globe with different cultures. In recent years, it is becoming a favorite place for travelers and students. Canada has amazing landscapes, lush green forests, sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, art galleries and much more. It has a very fascinating culture and high standard of living. The economy of the country has seen a rise and decline because of its relationship with the USA.

If you want to know some of the weirdest facts of Canada, read below:

1. The low density of population

Canada spreads to an area of over 9 million sq. km. It is 2nd biggest country in the globe by area. In spite of being the 2nd largest country in the world, Canada has a low density of population with 3 persons living per square km. The country has people of various religions and castes. More than 50% of Canada‘s population is from different countries of the world. Most of the people come either for taking higher studies or for employment.

2.Land of thick forests

One of the most interesting facts of Canada is that it has numerous thick forests and trees. More than 30% of the country’s land is covered by beautiful rain forests and tall trees. More than 1/10th of the total world’s forests are situated only in Canada. Vancouver Island has many beautiful rain forests which are popular tourist spots. Many visitors from all over the world visit Vancouver Island especially for the scenic beauty of rain forests.

3.First female doctor of Canada

Many notable personalities belong to this beautiful land including actors, musicians, artists and many more. Elizabeth Catherine Bagshaw was the first women doctor of Canada. She was also the medical director of the first control clinic in Ontario. She had many degrees. This woman contributed largely to the field of woman development. Elizabeth’s role in improving the lives of women is even remembered now by the people in Canada. She also won many awards and honors in her medical career.


We are familiar with the superb character, Winnie-the-Pooh. But do you know the real story behind the creation of that character? Far back in the year 1915, a bear cub was sent to London zoo from Canada. The name of the bear cub was Winnipeg. Every day, a boy named Christopher Robin Milne visited the zoo especially to watch Winnipeg. He loved the bear cub immensely. Seeing this beautiful bonding between the boy and a bear cub, A. A. Milne who was the father of the boy wrote the stories of character Winnie-the-Pooh.

5.Old Quebec

Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Quebec is located outside the border of Canada. This place has Upper Town and Lower Town. The buildings in Old Quebec were constructed during the 19th century. There are many commercial streets and hotels in this city which are worth to watch. Some of the best places of interest in Old Quebec are Sault-au-Matelot street, Place de Paris, Saint-VallierEst Street, and others. There are also many museums, theaters and exhibition centers in this city.

6.Story of name

On the list of Canada facts, the fact of its name takes an important place. The name of Canada was kept due to misunderstanding. Once, a French traveler named Jacques Cartier visited a completely new place where he met the local people. Those natives invited the traveler to the village named “Kanata”. Jacques Cartier mistook it as “Canada” and thereafter, the country started to be called as “Canada”. There are many other interesting facts about Jaques Cartier.

7.Residence of Santa

From many years, we celebrate Christmas and kids love to receive gifts from Santa Claus. But do you know some of the interesting Canada facts? Santa Claus belongs to Canada. He also has Canadian citizenship. His residence address is H0H 0H0 in Montreal. Many people from all over the globe send letters to Santa Claus on his official postal address. He begins his Christmas tours generally from Arctic region. Now, you know the residence of Santa Claus.

8.Longest coastline

China is not just 2nd biggest country in the world by area but also has the longest coastline. The country has the coastline with a distance of more than 125,500 miles. The coastline of the country stretches to 3 oceans which are Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. The coastal areas of Canada have more population than other areas of the country. Canada has numerous sandy beaches and beauty spots which attracts many visitors every year. It also has a rich marine life.

9.Highest Tides

The highest tides in the world are recorded at the Bay of Fundy which is located on the eastern coast. The tides here reach a maximum height of 53.5 feet. Some of the major reasons for high tides at the Bay of Fundy are low atmospheric pressure, spring tide, and tidal resonance. Tidal power is generated on a large scale in Canada which is a renewable source of energy. This is one of the most interesting Canada facts you didn’t know until now.

10. Reindeers and cows

Canada has more than 2 million reindeer. But currently, there are many activities taking place in the country which decreased the population of reindeer such as poor land use management and mining. There are about 15 million cows in Canada. These cows are mostly found in Alberta and regions of Saskatchewan. The country produces the beef in large quantities every year.

Now that you have interesting Canada facts to know, you must visit this country to explore the history, culture, and beauty. Canada also has many reputed universities and colleges for students. It attracts many people from different parts of the world to work in different sectors. Canada is the land of boundless beauty, serene nature spots, and cultural sites to give every traveler an amazing tour experience.

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