Top 10 benefits of deep breathing

What are the benefits of deep Breathing?  Why should we do deep breathing? Depression and tension keep on moving around us daily. Whenever we are tensed, the first which we should do is to breathe deeply. It gives relaxation to your mind and body. With the cool feeling, it will be easier for you to find a proper solution. Why do doctors suggest pregnant women for deep breathing? It is because the women do not feel stressed out or tensed. Deep breathing is good for the health of both mom and the child in her womb.

There are many benefits of deep breathing to each one of us. They are as under:

#10. Helps in removing sadness

Deep breathing for anxiety and stress, how do we treat stress or depression, our moms always tell us to take a deep breath when we are upset or sad. It will make you feel easy by removing the negativity. Breathing deeply will further eliminate the pain from the body and you will get a calm mind. It will help to heal your pain. You get ample energy and feel better each moment. So, whenever you see your family members or friends are sad, advise them to take a deep breath.

#9. Better cardiovascular health

Deep breathing for a healthy heart. Studies show that deep breathing will strengthen your heart. It will boost the blood flow to the veins and arteries which improves the heart health. It also pumps blood to the brain and liver. As per the studies, the people who applied breath training survived the heart attack and the ones with low diaphragm got a cardiac arrest. The exercise sod deep breathing will keep the heart attack, brain stroke and other cardiovascular diseases at bay. It will give you a stronger and better heart.

#8. Good posture

Do you have a bad posture of your body? It is because you breathe in a wrong way. Deep breathing is important if you want a good body posture. You should adopt deep breathing exercises and workouts to bring your body into shape. You can do these exercises after waking up early in the morning. If you have bad body posture, it is the time to consider it seriously and try deep breathing exercises daily. You will get a better posture within some weeks.

#7. Helps in controlling weight

Deep breathing for losing weight-Some of the benefits of deep breathing include controlling weight. Deep breathing will burn the extra calories in various parts of the body. This will reduce the excess weight of the body. Those who are underweight should also do deep breathing exercises. This will help them to gain more weight. The extra amount of oxygen in the body helps to feed the starving glands. You will get a perfect figure by doing deep breathing exercises daily.

#6. Youthful Appearance

How to stay young for a long time? The secret to the young personality lies here. Deep breathing will remove the tension and depression from the mind. It helps in stopping the aging signs on the face such as wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. Breathing deeply will remove the anger and boost the mood hormones. Deep breathing will make your happier and more cheerful each day. This will slow down the aging process and give you a youthful appearance.

#5. Gives more energy

One of the major benefits of deep breathing is that it will make you more energetic. It will give more oxygen and increase the blood supply in the body. Doing exercises of deep breathing is suggested even by the doctors and health specialists. It also gives you more stamina to do physical activities such as walking, running, jogging and swimming. Deep breathing exercises will remove the tired feeling, morning sickness, and laziness from the body and make you active.

#4. Improves the Lymphatic system

Deep breathing will help to make your immune system better and stronger. It will help in releasing the toxins and waste materials from the body. This will improve the immune system and give more resistance to the body to fight against diseases. Deep breathing will also safeguard the body from bacteria, germs, and viruses. The diseases such as cold, fever and TB will not touch your body. You will get a happy and better life with deep breathing workouts.

#3. Improves the digestive system

If you face digestive disorders like gas, acidity, and inflammation, do deep breathing workouts daily. This will help your body to get rid of wastes and toxins. Deep breathing will supply more blood to the digestive tract and improve its health. It also helps to cure digestive problems such as gas, bloating, acidity and indigestion. It will further give you metal relaxation which will improve the digestive system. Doing deep breathing exercises helps in regularizing the bowel movements.

#2. Reduces anxiety

Deep breathing exercises will help in reducing anxiety. It will remove the restlessness and depression too. These exercises will aid in bringing mental clarity. You can test it yourself. When you take a long breath, the body parts will get a calm and relaxed feel. You will get better focus and concentration on work. Deep breathing exercises will improve overall health. You will get a sharper memory too by doing these exercises daily. Deep breathing helps in reducing anxiety and helps getting a better memory.

#1. Stronger muscles

Do deep breathing exercises daily to get better and stronger muscles. Whenever we are angry or sad, the muscle tissues contract due to shallow breathing. Deep breathing will expand the muscle tissues and strengthen your muscles. It will further provide more amount of oxygen to the muscles. Furthermore, deep breathing exercises will massage the belly, small intestine, pancreas, and liver. It increases the blood flow to every part of the body.


So now, you know the various benefits of deep breathing for the body. They improve the physical and mental health both. It improves the respiratory, immune and digestive system too. You should do deep breathing exercises daily in the morning before breakfast and it will make your day the most wonderful one.

Whenever you are angry, sad or down, you know what to do. Take a deep breath!! 

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