How do we set goals? How do we chase them? How do we keep ourselves motivated while chasing them? And, how we can actually achieve our goals.

How do we set goals? How do we chase them? How do we keep ourselves motivated while chasing them? And, how we can actually achieve our goals.

First of all understand this, without goals our life can go in a million different directions. To have a goal in life or rather a set of goals in life is really important. Let me ask you 3 questions, 1. What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?  What do you want to achieve this year? What is your plan for the day?  Most of you have not thought about it and when asked these questions your mind start thinking oh really I have not thought this ever. See this is the problem with most of the people and is also the reason why the success rate is so low. People with goals succeed because they know where are they going.  Let me give you a boring example here if you go to a railway station you have to tell the ticket counter person the place where you want to head to. You don’t say that, give me a ticket of any destination. Similarly, our life is like a train we have to ensure where we want to take that train and the destination is our goals. If we know the destination we can go there that means if we know what we want to achieve we can achieve that by putting the required amount of work. So in goal setting to have a defined goal is really important this is the first step of goal setting. Success comes with goal settings.

While setting up the goals, I think many of you must have heard about smart goals but let me explain it quickly here as to what are the smart goals.

SMART means, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. You have to be specific as to what is that which you want to accomplish or achieve, for example just setting a goal like I want to lose weight won’t work. You should be clear in your mind how much weight you want to lose. If you want to buy a good car, then which company which model which color, when you be specific you mind start visualizing that thing and create a picture in your thoughts. You know all the greatest inventions we have seen on this earth were first visualized by someone in the mind before making it actually in the real world. This is the power of visualizing and detailing. Visualization helps a lot in achieving goals.

Your goal should be measurable means you should be able to quantify it. If you want to earn 1 million dollars in a year and you have gained 50% of that before the aligned duration then it’s time for you to celebrate. When you look back and see your partial achievement you get a lot of motivation.  So a measurable goal not only gives you a reason to celebrate while you complete that goal but even during the journey when you achieve different levels of millstones.

The goal you have set it should be attainable goal means you should have an inner feeling that I can achieve these goals, sometimes setting up unrealistic goals can de-motivate you while you are not able to complete that. So it’s always essential that you set yourself realistic goals. You should set such goals which you think you can achieve.

All of your goals should be relevant to your life, relevant to the people around, should be relevant to your educational and your carrier. Widely scattered goals will not motivate you and will only consume your time and energy. Set the goals which are really relevant to your life. This will also become easier for you to achieve since you are already a half master in that.

Obviously without deadline goals cannot push us to work hard.  You should have a clear deadline at what time you want to accomplish something.  A goal without a deadline is a wish. and a dream with a deadline is a goal. Be specific with your deadlines. Set the deadlines for the year for the month for the week and for the day.  You might also need to keep a track of your achievement and when you look back you will feel proud while seeing the long way you have covered. This will give your mind a feeling of determination that whatever you have decided you have achieved till now, even though the bigger goal is yet to be achieved.

Write down the goals on a piece of paper, put a picture on your bedroom on your mobile and on your computer desktop.  After this, make a plan, without plan goals are just wish and keep no relevance.  This step is really important and will help you in visualizing that you are about to possess that thing or whatever your goal may be. it should be fixed in your vision. Make a plan for the year for the months for the weeks for the days and hours and review your progress periodically.


During your journey to success you will get occasions where you miss the deadlines you have set for yourself, don’t just let circumstances handle you instead you handle the circumstances but somehow if you miss few deadlines don’t feel de-motivated and start all over again. Do not dwell on the time wasted instead of just start working again. If you get failures or get a feeling that you will not be able to achieve the goals, just trust yourself. Do not decrease the size of your goals but increase the size of your effort. If your comfort zone doesn’t allow you to work, challenge yourself challenge your capabilities. Remember the great things were ever produced, happened coming out of comfort zone. You will also come out of that comfort zone and work very hard. I know you have the power inside you to do anything in life, you are very powerful it’s just that you are not conscious about the power you possess. Remember no goal is bigger than your capabilities.

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