How to follow discipline in life? A guide for self control.

Why do we need to be in discipline? Why someone need to follow certain discipline? How can we be in discipline? How to follow Discipline? How to stay in discipline? I can say that discipline is a keystone to habits and good habits are essential to make you successful in life. Successful people have maintained some sort of discipline that’s why they are successful. So, we can say Discipline is a keystone to success as well.  Discipline is doing what should be done even if you don’t want to do. The question is why it is so difficult to be in discipline. Darrin Patric said, “discipline is rarely enjoyable but almost always profitable”.


You all are discipline in some way, you all are following some sort of discipline but that is a discipline of bad habits. You are eating junk foods, you are not doing exercise. You are not studying as much as you should. You are watching porn every day.  You are wasting time every day.  You are watching television for long hours. So, you are also following a discipline, a discipline of bad habits which will not be helping you in any way. In fact, it’s not disciplines but its indiscipline      

Indiscipline not only becomes a barrier in adopting new habits but also the main culprit for not achieving the goals which you set for yourself. If you decided to lose some pounds but you are not able to control your food cravings. You are eating without discipline. This way you will never be able to achieve your ideal weight and your goal. According to Jim Rohn Discipline is a bridge between goals and accomplishment.      

You decided that I will limit my caffeine intake. I will do regular exercise. I will study this much every day. I will not use Facebook. I will not give much importance to sex etc, etc.   But you could not follow this for a significant amount of time, never were you able to figure out the reason why it is happening. Let’s understand this at a physical and at  mental level. When we have been doing a particular behavior for so long it is etched in our neural pathways in the brain. It is a like program which is stored in an area of the brain which is called basal ganglia. So, you do not have to think about repeating a particular behavior. Let’s say, to grab a cup of coffee, a tasty hamburger, your favorite chocolates, browsing porn on the internet, wasting time on social media, watching comedy videos etc, etc. When we have been doing these traits for years our brain does not ask for permission and start repeating this behavior almost every day or whenever it finds the stimulus. It is like an automated program. Our brain is programmed that way so that we can focus on other things while doing a task. For example, you can also talk while driving a car. When you drove your car for the first time it was not easy for you to pay attention to something else other than driving your car. To some extent, this brain programming is good because you can do multiple tasks at the same time but it is harmful as well. Once a habit is registered in the brain it becomes really difficult to change it.  Our brain always avoids the pain it only feels happy in not following the discipline but remember, suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

If you are eating junk food your brain won’t stop the cravings for it even if you fall ill or become overweight. If you are not studying and wasting time here and there your brain will still ask for the more time-wasting session even if you fail in the exam. So, the brain always seeks for enjoyment and the tasks which are easier in doing, like enjoying food, enjoying porn, enjoying sex, enjoying laziness, enjoying rest. One needs to come out of this trap of brain and instead of brain directing your body what to do, you should start taking control of everything you do from this body. Treat your body like a beautiful mechanism and you are the master of your body. Your body will only do what you ask it to do. It will happen only if we become conscious of our actions and thought process. Once we are conscious, we know where our mind is going and we can stop it from going there. Start small, but make some changes and don’t worry about perfection in all areas at once. You will fail, it is an inherent part of learning. Don’t worry about the failures just be better than you were a week earlier. Remember if embracing discipline was that easy then everyone would have been disciplined. It requires a lot of mental toughness lot of mental power to inculcate the discipline in life. How can we become mentally tough?  And, how can we improve our self-control? To improve your self-control to improve your conscious level you can do the following things.


Exercise, does not only gives you health benefits but it also improves your ability and different functions of the brain and the power to resist for something. So, doing exercising daily will help you to control your brain and avoid the cravings for everything. Exercise changes the chemicals in your brain and gives a feel-good factor and feeling of achievement and accomplishment. There are a lot of benefits in doing physical activity on a daily basis. Benefits of exercise have been well documented by neuro-researchers and other medical and psychological experts. Regular exercise gives you mental muscle along with the physical muscles. So, start doing exercise to stay in the discipline.   


If somebody asks me what are the benefits of meditation, I can say they are countless. Needless to say, meditation is one of the best things for the mankind in following healthy well-being. Meditation relaxes each and every muscle in your body and gives you a really soothing and calm experience. There has been a lot of scientific research done on the benefits of meditation. It dramatically improves your cognitive ability. It also improves your memory and the ability to handle stress. You also start meditating, start with 10 minutes a day and reach up to a 20-30 minutes a day average. I do not need to mention the benefits of mediation at spiritual physical and mental levels. So many studies have been conducted to prove the countless benefits of meditation. It is really detrimental in following a disciplined life.


When I say Yoga, I do not mean stretching around your body to learn all the 84 asanas. You can start with Pranayama.  Pranayama is one of the ancient Indian breathing techniques which raises your conscious levels and have numerous health benefits. If you cannot do all the Pranayama you can just start with one, Anulom Vilom. This is one of the best Pranayama, we also call it alternate nostrils breathing. Do it in the early morning in an empty stomach and in the fresh air if possible.  Start with 10 minutes a day and reach up to 20-25 minutes a day. After practicing it regularly for a month you will start noticing a lot of changes in yourself. You will feel really calm, relaxed and in control. You will not be reacting to anything and everything unnecessarily. This will give you a lot of help to maintain discipline in life. Before you grab your favorite fast food, it will give you that one moment of pause where you can decide whether to eat or not. When your brain signals you to watch porn or indulge in the sexual activity your brain will obey you if say not to do it.



These were some of the best ways by which you can imbibe and maintain a discipline in life. When you become disciplined to anything for example disciplined in reading or studying you will surely get the success you always wanted. If you want to lose weight you can achieve your goal faster and for sure if you maintain the discipline in life. There have been many examples of success which were achieved just by following  a certain discipline. Remember it does not require a genius to become successful in something, in fact, it requires a lot of self-control and the ability to delay the instant pleasurable gratification to achieve the milestones in life.  Without discipline, things will not happen.  Excellence is a journey and discipline is the vehicle. You can achieve any amount of success with discipline remember Rooslvet said with self-discipline almost everything is possible.

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