7 Best ways to improve your English Communication

How to Improve English Communication Skills? How can one improve communication skills? Let’s start with a quote “the art of communication is the language of leadership”. Everything you do and every technical skill you have, keep that at one side and communication alone is the fundamental skill to go beyond boundaries in your professional carrier. It is for their excellent communication skills that the leaders in the past and in the present are able to communicate so well with the people that they are able to win the elections. Not only political leaders but you will find a lot of business and spiritual leaders who are excellent in communicating their thoughts and ideas to the people. Your skill will get the job done for you but to elevate yourself to the new heights of your carrier you need to improve your communication skills.

One thing is clear that communication does not necessarily mean communicating in English. You can communicate in any language but should be able to put your thoughts across effectively. So good communication is not limited to communicating in the English language only.  But, as the dollar is the most traded currency of the world similarly over the years English has become the global language. A medium of communicating between the people of different origins in different countries. Japanese are able to communicate well with the Americans in the English language. Chinese are able to communicate well with the Indians while their native languages are different.

It is apparent that English is a good medium of communication and has a global outreach. If you communicate well then half of the battle is won. You can put your ideas to the people effectively and you can get the recognition at the workplace as well. There are many people at the workplace with brilliant ideas but they are not able to communicate properly to the people or to their superior, and if somebody else who is a smart communicator can take all the credit for himself. We understand the value of communication but how can we improve the communications skills. I have listed the 7 Best ways to improve your English Communication.

 1#. Plan

I have seen people saying from ages that they want to improve their English but they are doing nothing for it. They do not have a proper plan with the deadlines. They do not hold themselves accountable for this. Like any other thing to master, English also requires a lot of effort. Remember there is no magic trick or a shortcut to improve communication. To improve your English, you have to pay the price and the price is the hard work. You have to give a significant amount of time in improving your English. Setting a target of 6 months is a sensible deadline if you are ready to work on your English at least 1-2 hours daily.  


2#. Observe

This one is  really important aspect of learning the English language. When you were a child you observed everything curiously.  That curiosity helped to learn everything faster as a child. You could be from any native language but you did not learn the fundamentals or grammar of learning that language in your childhood. Nobody teaches grammar to their child but the child learns everything himself by observing. So, one thing is clear that you do not need to be an educated person to learn English you just need to be curious and a good observer of things. When we say ‘observe” it means to listen, to see, and to watch the people who are communicating in English.  You need to observe their actions their emotions their expressions while they are speaking.


3#. Listen         

Listen as much as you can. This is the best medium of putting the data in your brain. You can listen to the podcast, audio stories, news and other stuff available online and offline. You can also listen to the people who are speaking in English in your office, college or at any other place. Listening is the best method. When you go to  sleep get into a habit of listening to the audio stories or the podcast for one hour before you sleep. Make a daily habit of listening to good audio stories or audio books. This will give you dual benefits, one, listening to a good book and secondly ,it will be improving your English as well.


4#. Watch

Watching a good Hollywood movie will be both entertaining and full of learning. You got a lot of learning material in English movies it has the English conversation with expression, emotions which are more realistic and most of the actors are native English speaker. Watch as many movies you can, also watch English comedy serials with subtitles. Watching English news is also a good idea for improving your English and knowledge.


5#. Read out Loud

This one is the granddaddy of all the steps. I cannot emphasize more to make you understand the importance of reading. You need to read for hours if you want to improve your English. There are two types of reading, 1. You need to read out loud-It will give your lot of confidence when you read anything loudly. Also, reading will help you maintain fluency and gradually will make you confident. 2. Read in the mind when you read without speaking from your mouth you grab a lot of new words and vocabulary to your kitty.  It will help you in sentence formation. A piece of reading is always framed well with words and vocabulary than the actual conversation. So, reading in the mind will help you a lot. You can read newspapers, books (of course now books are available on your mobile through Amazon Kindle app with a nominal subscription) and online blogs. Books will not only help you improve your English but it will help you gain a lot of knowledge. As the famous quote says ” Reading is a conversation. All Books talks. But a good book listens as well.” Reading book makes you a lot better in all aspects. It is detrimental for all-round development not just English.


6#. Speak, Speak and Speak

All the steps would be abortive if you do not start speaking in English. Break out that comfort zone of conversing in your native language. Speak as much as you can. Encourage people around you to also speak in English. I do not normally recommend attending a class, but to get some people to talk with, you can enroll in some classes so that you can find people to talk with and with the similar interest. Dial a customer care and start conversing in English. You can join Facebook groups, there are many with the same interest. I would also recommend using OpenTalk it’s an Android app available for free.  You can voice your opinion on different subjects and topics. This is a very nice option of speaking on topic without preparation. You can also talk to the random people across the world, and this app really does its job well.


7#. Break the stereotype

You must save seen many people who do not know how to read and write but still, they are able to speak and communicate in their native language. Therefore, to learn a language such as English you do not need to be educated. Even an illiterate person can learn a language then why not you. So break that mind cage and come out to learn English.


I have not taken inputs from anywhere in preparing this article. I have only written what I have experienced during my journey in learning the English language.  Please visit my Youtube channel for more motivational videos.


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