How to Manage the time effectively! Best ways to manage your time.

Time is really precious there is no doubt and question about it. Although it is the most precious thing it is also a fact that God has equally given everyone the same 24 hours, from a billionaire to a cobbler. Everybody on earth has the same amount of 24 hours. It entirely depends on you what you accomplish in 24 hours. You can build a multi-billion dollars empire or you may not able to earn even the bread and butter for the family. The moot issue is how to effectively manage our time? How to manage our Time? Is time management an art? What is the perfect way to manage time? The answer to all of these questions is, yes there is a smart way to manage the time. There is obviously a technique and way to get most from the 24 hours. People who have achieved big successes in life and the big names in every dimension of work whether it is a sport, business, and politics. These industry leaders have figured out a way to achieve more in 24 hours. They still have to accomplish a lot many tasks in a day however they are able to manage to play golf and hanging around with the family. They are achieving much more in a day than an average man could ever achieve in a week. Because they know how to smartly manage their time. I have studied and read about a lot many successful people and came up with excellent tips to manage the time. I am also applying a similar approach where I am getting the work done from 100 odd people including few team leaders and managers. Before adopting these time-saving habits, I was also clueless about how to manage my time, I could only wish to have more hours to finish the remaining work.  So, let’s jump straight to the points and discuss them in details-

  1. Specified GoalsOne of the best ways to avoid wasting time and utilizing it to the best is to have specified goals. You should know what you want to achieve in an hour in a day in a week and in a month. Having a clear goal will help your mind not to wander here and there and will stick to the schedule and plan.
  2. Win the Inner Battle-Although I have listed this one as second but that doesn’t make it less important. We waste a hell lots of time thinking about whether to do something or not. Whenever we find something or any tasks which require us to come out from the comfort zone, we become tensed and starts to postpone it to some other time. Any task which requires an alert mind and a little bit of hard work all of us tend to postpone it for a later time and try to avoid as much as they can. But trust me this only wastes times, the work which is difficult now would remain difficult at a later stage as well. And the time spent in arguing with your brain whether to do it or not is gone from your precious 24 hours quota. If you have done it at the outset you would develop a strong attitude of an anti-procrastinator. This will also strengthen your mental muscle.
  3. Plan Your Day- Every morning you need to spend 30 minutes to plan wisely. Without planning wisely, a lot many minor and unimportant task will pull your time away. Although you needed to complete an important presentation or assignment a colleague killed your 1 hour in sharing and explaining a rumored love story in office. You enjoyed that story too much that you forgot that it took away your precious 1 hour. So, when you have a proper plan it is most unlikely that you would derail from it.
  4. Prioritize Intelligently- Without prioritizing the tasks there may be many instances that some of your important work would not be completed. You have to differentiate between important and urgent. Try to finish the important work first. Sometimes a few assignments look urgent but rarely keep any importance. Prioritizing the list will give you a better perspective.
  5. Know that you have the limited amount of time- According to a study an average man from an age span of 20-65 has only 90,360 hours of working time after deducting the time spend for sleeping, eating, making love, and time spent on other daily tasks. If you think wisely this is a limited amount of time. Once your brain understands that consciously it will not let you waste any time. So, always remember do not waste even a single hour from this limited quota.
  6. Be an early Starter When I say start early, I do not mean that you should compromise with your sleep, but if you sleep on time and waking up an hour early that will give you a lot of time to complete many tasks. Many people just feel annoyed to the idea of getting up early. Once you form a habit of getting up early this will give you some extra time an edge over your competitors. You could achieve more when half of the world is sleeping.
  7. Take Care of Body- In the pursuit of success, you will always demand your body for more. It is a beautiful instrument given by God to enjoy, work and live life happily so why not keep it healthy. Exercise daily, do yoga or meditation, this will keep your body at the optimum level of performance. When you need to get a lot of work from the body then why not treat it beautifully and intelligently.
  8. Delegate if possible- Your team can always take off a lot of work from your desk than you can ever imagine. Train your team wisely so that you can take the burden off from your shoulder for a variety of tasks. Every task does not require your involvement so better you delegate this to other people. This will save a lot of your time.
  9. Leave the perfectionist attitude- We waste a lot of time in making anything perfect. Although it is best to be the best at the same time it is not a good idea when quantity and timing also matters. People tend to delay the stuff just for the sake of making it a perfect piece of work. They keep on finding the problems into their own work and this delay does impact the success of the work. On the other hand, when you develop a perfectionist attitude you tend to delay and postpone the work until you are in full of energy so that work can be done perfectly. This does not help at all but eats a lot of time. To avoid being a perfectionist by the time you will gradually grow the perfection will automatically happen. Remember for every artist their first painting is not the best painting.
  10. Shut off the distractions-You do not have to always check the status of your friends as to how they are feeling or landed to which airport. While doing the really important task shut off all the distractions especially the social media variety. Knowingly or unknowingly these small distractions eat away a lot of time. You are in the midst of something suddenly your phone beep for a WhatsApp message it is a funny video. You found that interesting so you go to YouTube to watch the full version but end up in watching a lot many videos of the same category. Thanks to the suggestions feature on YouTube. That is the reason people are searching on google, how to avoid social media?

Found that interesting? If you follow these tips half of the battle is won. Besides the above point, there is one thing which you can just implement now. Start enjoying the work. I cannot emphasize more on this and the value of enjoying the work. Work can be play. If you become a master in that you will enjoy the work and do a lot more and better. Remember if you really enjoy something would you prepone it or postpone it.  Obviously, everyone wants to prepone the things they really enjoy. Imagine if you start enjoying the work you would prepone it and then the procrastination, lazy, laid back attitude is gone. Let’s enjoy the work and enjoy the road of success. I hope you liked the article. If you have any question you can write me an email also connect with me on Youtube and Facebook. The link provided below.


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