10 Interesting Facts about Christmas


Christmas is just a few days away from now and we are gearing up for its preparation. It is the time when we gather with our family members, friends and neighbours to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ and welcome the New Year. 25th December is celebrated as Christmas every year with great joy and zeal. Christmas is celebrated in many countries of the globe by both Christians as well as the people of other religions.

There are many interesting facts about Christmas which you may not know. Let us discuss those facts in detail.

#10 Leaving food tradition

Many people today follow the ancient tradition of leaving food for Santa Claus’ reindeer. This tradition was followed by Norse children who left hay for Sleipnir, the horse of Odin while going for a hunt. Later, Dutch children also took ahead this tradition and left food and various drinks in the shoes made from wood for St. Nicholas and his horse. Today, the people leave flavoured cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

 #9 Stockings

One of the interesting facts about Christmas is that of stockings. This idea comes from an olden story when St. Nicholas used to fill the socks with gold for 3 sisters who were poor. Following this belief, people today hang stockings on their doors and windows hoping that they will get the gifts. In the year 2007, one stocking was made in London which measured 32 meters in length.

#8 Christmas puddings

Most of the people prepare caramel puddings on Christmas Eve. Originally, these puddings were prepared in old Britain. In ancient times, hunters used to take the filling mixtures when they travelled long distances. Later in the 1700s, the people used to eat rich cakes on special events and occasions. Gradually, the puddings and cake become the popular food on Christmas Eve. Today, there are many cakes of various flavours eaten by people all over the world.

#7 White Christmas

Somewhere between the 16th and 19th centuries, the temperatures around the world used to be lower than the normal ones. This period was called as “little ice age”. Charles Dickens grew up in this period and he used to see snow everywhere around the time of Christmas. He spent his 8 Christmases with snow all around his house. Charles Dickens then got inspired to write something unique and he started the tradition of expecting holidays. This is one of the most unusual and interesting facts about Christmas.

#6 Jesus Christ was born in spring

The next on the list is one of the most interesting facts about Christmas. We all celebrate Christmas on 25th December as a birthday of Jesus Christ. But in the Bible, there is no description of Jesus Christ’s birthday on Christmas. Many historians searched for this fact in books and other references and finally, they concluded that Jesus was actually born during springtime. However, it is the belief of most of the historians which may be correct or incorrect.

#5 Traditional colours of Christmas

Christmas normally is linked with 3 traditional colours which are red, gold and green. Red colour depicts the blood of Jesus Christ, gold colour symbolizes royalty, prosperity and lights and the green colour shows life and then rebirth. This is the reason why people wear red coloured outfits in Christmas parties. Houses are decorated with golden sparkling balls and other items. Christmas tree with lights fills the home with happiness and prosperity. Many people also wear green colored dresses for more zeal and joy.

#4 Artificial Christmas tree

There is one of the most interesting Christmas facts. We all use artificial Christmas trees these days. Let us discuss some of its facts in detail. The first artificial Christmas tree was made in the late 18th century. It has green raffia and goose feathers. Seeing this, Addis Brush Company made toilet brushes to attach them as branches in artificial Christmas tree. These toilet brushes didn’t catch fire on the spot and heavyweight decorative items can be hung from these brushes.

#3 Christmas songs

Many Christmas songs are written by some of the most notable writers of the world until now. One of the most famous Christmas songs namely “Jingle Bells” was written by James Pierpoint in Massachusetts, United States. In reality, it was not for Christmas but for Thanksgiving. Paul McCartney’s song of Christmas was considered as the worst song by the people. Still, the writer earns more than $400,000 annually from it. It is still a strange fact why people consider it as a worst Christmas song.

#2 Japanese traditions

There is one of the most fascinating Christmas facts. In Japan, people celebrate Christmas in a unique manner. They eat dinner at KFC every Christmas evening. This is a very famous tradition in Japan. People have to book the seats for their family members and friends in advance for enjoying food on Christmas. People visit KFCs along with their loved ones and enjoy this festival with delicious chicken dishes and different drinks.

#1 Gifts

One of the most popular Christmas facts is exchanging gifts with one other. On Christmas, we all give and receive some of the best presents from our family members, neighbours, relatives, and friends. This festival symbolizes the phrase “Spirit of giving”. It is also the time when people give gifts to the ones who are poor and financially weaker. Christmas is the time when we should help poor people and make them happy with gifts.


These are some of the most fascinating Christmas facts which you didn’t know until today. Christmas is the festival of happiness, wealth, prosperity, togetherness and joy. People all around the world celebrate this festival with different traditions and rituals. There are different ways to celebrate Christmas in different countries of the world.

There are a few days remaining to celebrate the world’s most popular festival with gifts, food, drinks, jingle bells, stockings, cakes, puddings, and Santa Claus and lots more.

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