How to get up early in the morning? Benefits of Early Rising

How to get up early in the morning, is really a million-dollar question. People have been struggling all their lives just to get up at the right time every morning so that they can do what they want to do. They feel like slapping the person who tries to take them away from the bed.  Getting up early depends upon so many factors, it’s not just merely a will power which pulls you out from the bed there are many other factors as well. Nearly for everyone, the morning hours sleep is the best hours of your sleeping times. You are dreaming about your wonderful date or dreaming about a lavish lifestyle suddenly your alarm goes off. Beep, beep, What the hell is this? You put it on snooze, it keeps on coming up after every five or ten minutes depending upon your decided snooze time. You keep on delaying it and then finally the alarm clock itself give up but you would not get up. This story sounds familiar to most of the people.

Getting up early in the morning is difficult and would remain difficult unless you understand what works well to make you get up from the bed on the first beep of your alarm or even before that. Before adopting this difficult habit in your life, you also need to understand what are the benefits of getting up early in the morning. I have been struggling through to fix my get up time and what worked well for me I believe would work for everyone else as I have been like everyone else. So, without wasting any time let me share the best tips which I had implemented on myself and helped me as well. So here is my top 10 list for you-

1#. WHY

You need to figure this out for yourself as to why is it that you want to get up early in the morning. It’s not like in the middle of the day you start shouting to people, “oh I want to get up early in the morning”. Jokes apart, you need to have a strong reason for yourself why you want to get up early. Do you want to do exercise, walking, reading, or just want to achieve more than your competitors? Obviously, you can achieve much more when half of the world is sleeping. You are already one step closer to success when the other people are just dreaming on the bed. So, fixing this bloody “why” in your brain is a really important thing. Please give your mind a solid reason to jump out of bed happily instead of just keep putting that snooze off.


You can get up early for some days if it is driven by some kind of motivation but if you do not sleep on the time you will not be able to continue this beautiful habit for longer period of time. Your body needs proper rest and sleep. So never compromise with your sleep for a day or two its fine if you are not able to get proper sleep but this should not be the sleep. So, remember if you want to continue this habit for your entire life then you need to fix your sleeping time as well. Getting up early would be of no use if you are feeling groggy the entire day.


Getting enough sleep would not be enough unless the sleep is purely peaceful and stress-free. A sound deep sleep helps you get up with a lot of energy. Ensure you leave the worry bag behind while you are about to sleep. Be aware of your last thoughts while sleeping never think about the worrisome situation or unwanted situation. Be the best thoughts to be your companion of the sleep.


Never hit the snooze button by doing that you are only postponing your get time and you would repeat the same thing when your alarm goes off for the next time. So the moment your alarm beeps for the first time, do not feel irritated or frustrated. Just end the alarm so that it doesn’t snooze again.


Once you stop your alarm the second thing you should do is to move your legs and hands gently in bed once you are done with that for a minute the do the deep breathing for 5-10 minutes. If you do these two things every day after the first beep of alarm, you would never require to hit the snooze button to get up in the morning. When you do deep- breathing you will be getting up with lots of positivity and energy. You will never feel like to fall asleep again in the day.


Try to consume as little as you can in the night. Heavy meals at night will always disturb your sleep quality as all the energy would be spent in digesting that food. When you have heavy food at night you may get up in the midnight as well for nature’s call.


Once you get up in the morning you should have a clearly defined to-do list with you. It should never be like that you are thinking in the morning what to do. So always plan in advance the next day.


There is no other better idea to start the day to start it with enthusiasm and cheerfully. Fill your mind with all positivity and forget what had happened yesterday. New day, beautiful morning a lot to be done a lot to accomplish. Begin your day with a go-getter attitude. Wherever you would go whoever you would meet, everyone would look at you as a person with an aura of positivity.


When you are about to end your day, better you journal the day. Write everything down whatever worst or good has happened in the day. According to a study if you write something down you can free your mind of unnecessary space those thoughts may acquire. So always journal your day in the diary. And why not leave some notes for the next generation.


Before indulging in early rising habit, it is difficult for someone to foresee or predict the benefits. Initially, it looks like a generic statement that rising early really has a lot of benefits. Once you start practicing it in real life your outlook would drastically change because by the time you would have experienced it. So always fill your mind with lots of positive thoughts and benefits about early rising.

At last, as the wise man, Benjamin Franklin said, let me also reiterate his words, the famous quote with full wisdom ‘’ early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”.


Deepak Thakur English Motivational Speaker


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