Interesting facts about Facebook which you must know

Facebook does not need an introduction. It is the most popular social networking platform in the world. Whether it is a child, teen or adult, everyone uses Facebook these days. This site has not remained a simple social networking platform anymore.

People use Facebook as a medium to promote the business as well. Many companies create Facebook pages to generate leads online for their business. Since many years, we are using Facebook but don’t know some of its facts. Let us discuss Facebook’s interesting facts in detail:

1.All Blue

Why facebook color is blue? We all know blue is the favorite color of boys. Even Mark Zuckerberg loves blue color as stated by him in one of the TV interviews. There is a reason behind the blue color of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has color blindness for the colors red and green and he can see everything in blue color. So, he finally selected a blue color for Facebook as well. Due to the blue color, the logo of Facebook is easily recognizable.

2.Famous Facebook person

Who has the highest likes on Facebook? Do you know who the most famous person on Facebook is? It is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, the football player of Real Madrid team. In the year 2014, the Colombian singer Shakira has the highest Facebook likes amounting to over 104,400,430.

It is Ronaldo who has gained more likes than Shakira on Facebook. This footballer has about 109,240,500 likes on Facebook. This is certainly one of the least popular Facebook’s interesting facts you must know being an active user of Facebook.

3.The first person on Facebook

When was Facebook founded? This site was founded in the year 2004 and so, no one knows who the first person on Facebook was. It was Al Pacino, the American actor. The site didn’t show the clear picture of the actor but showed it in binary code.

Some months later, the people came to know that the first face on Facebook was that of Al Pacino.

4. Awesome button denied

Soon after the launch of Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, engineer of Facebook recommended the “Awesome” button instead of the “Like” button what we all use today. But due to the commonly used word “Awesome”, Mark Zuckerberg rejected the idea of “Awesome” button. He later came with the idea of the “Like” button.

The other team members of Facebook agreed to this decision of Zuckerberg and finally, the “Like” button came into existence. This button also got a huge positive response from the users.

5.No one could buy Facebook

One of the most interesting facts about Facebook is that no company succeeded in buying this site. Some of the major players such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft made numerous efforts to buy Facebook. They even offered a huge price of more than 15 billion dollars to Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg rejected all the offers.

By the time Yahoo offered to pay $1 billion to Facebook, this site gained much popularity in several countries of the word.

6.Leads to depression

Facebook is advantageous as well as disadvantageous for people. While it can give you ample new friends, you can also get a lot of stress by using Facebook constantly. Many surveys took place in the past years to check whether Facebook is safe for the health of the users.

As per the reports of the year 2013, it was stated that users who spend many hours on Facebook are likely to get depression. It is the newsfeed and the other people’s posts which give feelings such as stress, tension, and jealousy.

7.Active Advertisers

We discuss above how Facebook is turning out as a good business platform for online business makers. Over 2 million online advertisers use Facebook to increase their sales. This is the figure as per one of the latest surveys. Because of beautiful features such as live video, Facebook page, and others, Facebook is emerging as a nice online business platform.

Even small size businesses can increase their business sales through Facebook. Whether it is a travel company or a simple restaurant, every businessman is using Facebook to grow and expand his business.

8. Night posts gain attraction

One of the most interesting facts about Facebook is that the night posts gain more popularity. This is because people love using Facebook in the late night. They also love to engage with their friends and other users to discuss common issues.

According to a survey, the people who post after 10 pm at night get more attention from their friends. The night posts receive 80% more engaging responses than day posts.


How many users are there on Facebook? There are over 350 million people in the lobe who use Facebook. Many surveys and studies take place to find out the number of people publishing posts daily or posting the pictures. More than 35 million Facebook users put the status on their walls daily.

Further, this site gets over 55 million status updates daily with nearly 2.5 billion pictures every month. Do you put regular status or upload photos daily on Facebook?

10. Facebook rejected Brian Acton

Whatsapp is as popular as Facebook these days. But do you know something about Brian Acton? He is the co-founder of WhatsApp and sites like Twitter and Facebook rejected him. He tried several times until he founded WhatsApp which received a huge fan base as well

11.Main investor

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal put $500,000 in Facebook during its launching year 2004. He saw the capability of the site and invested in it. Later, Peter Thiel sold the stake for a price of over $1 billion.


These are the interesting facts about Facebook which you or any other normal Facebook user didn’t know. Facebook is still one of the best social networking sites despite the entry of newcomers such as Twitter and Instagram in the market.

The countries like Ireland drafted its constitution through Facebook to prove the usefulness of this site. Facebook can give planet of benefits and some adverse effects too if you use it unwisely.

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