Top 10 English speaking apps

English is one of the highest speaking languages in the world. It has become a necessity to learn English in the present times to survive in the corporate world. Technology keeps on changing and various apps are introduced to do several tasks. Whether you want to book a hotel room or order grocery items, the app does it all.

A few years back, the trend of English speaking classes gained much popularity. But now, the home is your classroom and app is your English teacher. You can now learn English in a few steps by downloading some beautiful English apps. We have lots of good English speaking app on the android. Read below to know the best apps for English speaking.

10.Nativox app

Ntaivox is one of the best apps which help to learn English through intonation. English has specific sounds and intonation. This app improves your speaking abilities. While using this app, you have to record the lines which you speak and later hear it. In this way, you can know how to pronounce certain words, sentences, and phrases.

Once your pronunciation improves, it becomes easier to learn the language. Nativox app teaches you English in the way similar to that in junior school and you will enjoy it.

9.Duolingo app

The next on the list is the Duolingo app. It is the best English speaking app in the world. Many beginners use this app to strengthen the base of the English language. Further, this app gives new words daily for beginners.

Duolingo app has several exercise solving which the learners can improve their performance. It also has practice questions to help students to improve vocabulary and grammar. More than 200 million people use Duolingo app all over the globe to learn English. It is useful even for advanced learners.


Do you love learning English with someone very talkative? You can download Apps4Speaking app. It consists of a video character that will help to enhance your speaking abilities. Furthermore, this app uses videos and pictures to explain the meaning of the words.

In addition to that, you can hear the dialogue of the video character and try speaking in a similar way. It uses the speed recognition technologies to help you how to speak English perfectly with intonation.

7.LingQ app

LingQ has many audio lessons which improve English speaking skills of learners. It comes with the feature of Spaced Repetition System by which you can learn vocabulary. In addition to that, you can import sentences in your language and later translate it into English.

LingQ includes texts and podcasts by which you can hear the sentences you speak. This app works in 16 other languages. It makes simpler and more interesting for you to learn English through texts, images, and podcasts.

6.TalkEnglish app

The next on the list is the TalkEnglish app. It is the best English speaking application which runs on both Android and iOS platforms.  This app includes quizzes, practice questions, and exercises to improve the language.

Further, this app includes a recording system. You can record your sentences and hear them. Additionally, you can compare your sentences with the model answers. In this way, you can enhance your conversational skills. TalkEnglish app will give you a comfortable English speaking session.

5.Improve English: Word Games app

This app is basically developed for the people who want to learn the advanced level of English. It helps to enhance vocabulary and speaking skills. Further, this app has a card-style format which helps you to know the new words.

You can also create your own notes and learn to pronounce the new words. It makes simpler for you to learn new phrases and concepts. This app comes with the algorithmic approach which is created by experts to check the progress of learners.

4.Hello English app

The next on the list is Hello English. It helps you to improve spellings, vocabulary, intonation and speaking skills. This app also improves grammar and reading skills. Further, this app supports 22 languages.

In addition to that, this tool helps people who have a basic knowledge of English. There are 20 questions in this app for which you have to give answers. The app then checks the level of English. It is a nice app to improve the English language.

3.Memrise app

Memrise is one of the best apps by which you can improve English. It comes with various tools to enhance speaking and reading skills. Further, the app contains many videos of native speakers. These videos will help you on how to pronounce words and phrases.

In addition to that, this app includes games by which you listen to difficult phrases, words, and intonation. It also contains many new words which you can learn each day to improve speaking skills.

2.FluentU app

At number 2, it is FluentU app. This app works seamlessly on iOS as well as Android devices. It teaches you English through audiovisual manner. The app shows you various videos of talk shows and other speeches.

You can see these videos as per your comfort and schedule. They will help you to improve pronunciation, grammar, and spellings. FluentU app has many tests which help to know how much you are actually improving in the language.

1.HelloTalk app

HelloTalk is one of the most popular apps to learn English. It comes with several good facilities such as audio messages, videos, and text.  You can connect with many native speakers who will help you in improving your speaking skills.

This app runs on both Android and iOS platforms. You can connect with the people who have similar interests like yours.


This is the list of 10 apps which will assist you in learning English. These apps will suggest ways such as podcasts, videos, YouTube clips, and audio messages. Additionally, they make English learning more like an interesting activity. It is also worth mentioning that there is also one free app by the name of OpenTalk app where you can create your voice profile and can talk to random strangers around the world. Most of the users have profile pictures on this app and most of them share the common objective of improving English. You can also talk to same-sex people by buying some credits.


So now, you know how to speak English by app and use these apps. By downloading these apps, you can learn English and do various tasks like creating notes and others.

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