Best Answers for, Why should we hire you? or Why should I hire you

Interview questions always differ from profile to profile but there are many interview questions which are being asked in almost every interview, no matter you are going for an entry-level position or a top-level executive. Many of these interview questions are generic and interviewers love to ask them. One of these questions is “why should I hire you?” or it may be asked in any of the following forms.

  • Why do you think you are the best person for this job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Apart from your qualification and skill give me other reasons to hire you.
  • What would you bring for this position?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this profile?

While you need to tailor the answer according to the profile and skills set but we have tried to answer the question, “why should I hire you”? in a generic term which can be applied to almost every profile. You can choose the answer from this list but one thing is really apparent that interviewer wants to know something which is not in your Resume. Maybe he got many choices to choose from but he needs something extra that X factor which can help him to select the right candidate for the job.

Answer 1

“ I have gone through the JD (job details) in-depth and I believe more than the professional skills and academics I have got the right experience which would help this department achieve new heights. “

Answer 2

For fresher –“ My academic stands me apart from the crowd I am a graduate from St. Stephen college. Although I am a fresher I have got team player skills in me which will help the team achieve the desired goals and objectives. “

Answer 3

Why should I hire you?  Answer for a teacher

As we say the teacher is a nation builder and I associate myself fully with this statement. Delivering academic classes and lecture is an integral part of a teacher job and I see myself more as a mentor to my student. More than studies students need guidance while they progress in life and I believe I am able to connect with them and provide them valuable guidance.

Answer 4 (for a person over 5 years of experience)

Why should I hire you? Because you are hiring, just kidding. I strongly believe more than the education I have a relevant set of experience on my sleeves. I have achieved great milestones in my current organization. My overall experience domain is highly suitable for this position. A person with a vast experience in this field would require minimum instructions and can jump straight to the boat and run the process.


Answer 5

Why should I hire you? Answer for an HR professional

Since my childhood, I have got the quality to read a person in the shortest possible time. I believe I can identify the right talent for this esteemed organization.  More than the academics, experience, and competency, core values of an individual really matters. I believe in hiring good characters with strong values. Also, I can successfully coordinate with cross-function department like Admin, Finance, Operations which is an integral part of HRs profile.

Answer 6

Why should I hire you? Answer for Sales Professionals.

Sales is my passion I love talking to different people every day. More than anything else sales profile requires a lot of enthusiasm, perseverance, dedication. I think I possess all of these qualities. You should be enthusiastic about the product and services you are selling. While perseverance is the key to success in sales profile I keep on following my prospects and turn them into actual sales.

Answer 7

Why should I hire you?

Although my education and experience are highly suitable for this job I do not bank upon them much. More than experience and education I have a great understanding of business and an acumen to take the right decision in the shortest possible time which in turn always results in financial victories. I can carry forward my duties with minimal instructions.

Answer 8

Why should I hire you? Answer for Team Leader or a Manager

This position would require you to lead a team and I believe I am a born leader. I always prefer a win-win situation for every side.  My endeavor is to always lead by example so that my team can follow. I maintain a good connection with my team so that I can successfully execute the orders given by the management.


These were some of the best answers for,”why should I hire you., why should we hire you? Best of luck for your interview.

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