10 facts on Sexy Mia Khalifa you don’t know

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Mia Khalifa is the hot and attractive lady whose identity you cannot deny. Every person of the world knows this bombshell because of her appearance in adult movies. Apart from that, she is one of the most beautiful pornstars in the world.

This lady has over 16 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. As an adult, we all are used to watch adult movies at some point in time. Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American model, sports commentator, and social media celebrity. She is the most beautiful pornstar in the world at present. Let’s have a look at some facts of Mia Khalifa:

#10. Food passion

Do you know that Mia Khalifa loves food? Many of us won’t believe this statement by looking at her figure. After her college days, this sexy porn star worked in one of the burger joints namely Whatsburger in Florida. She worked in this food joint for many years.

In addition to that, Mia shares the images with her favorite dishes on social media platforms. This is not only what she does. In her free time, Mia Khalifa goes to new restaurants for trying new dishes and cuisines. How foodie she is!

#9. Education

Do you know anything about Mia’s education? She did graduation in Arts in History from the University of Texas at El Paso. She also took training from Massanutten Military Academy. Later, Mia Khalifa started working as a bartender during her college days.

mia khalifa pic

Looking at beautiful body and feature, Mia Khalifa got many modeling assignments. Apart from that, she also appeared as a “briefcase girl” on a local Spanish game show. Then she got work as nude modeling in adult movies.

#8. Religion

Mia was born in Beirut, Lebanon in a Muslim family. She then shifted to the United States and converted into Christianity. In spite of being the most famous porn star, Mia Khalifa was not accepted by her family after she joined the adult film industry.

Her decision to join the adult film industry was strongly opposed in her family and they do not even talk to her. Furthermore, this celebrity is a Christian which her family and country do not accept.

#7. Controversy

Apart from being the sexiest porn star, Mia Khalifa is also involved in the conspiracy. In an adult movie, Mia wore a religious cloth which Muslim women generally wear. This cloth is known as Hijab.

Due to this move, the Muslim women all over the world opposed her and issued a fatwa against this sexy porn star. This is known to be her biggest conspiracy.

#6. Tattoos

Mia Khalifa is the stunning porn star with perfect body and she is also famous for her tattoos. She is always in controversy for her weird tattoos. Most of her tattoos had been the subject of anger and aggression of her countrymen.

One of her tattoos shows the gun near her chest. Another tattoo which shows the lines of her country’s national anthem is also the subject of criticism. Mia also has one tattoo on the hand showing Lebanese Forces Cross which is strongly criticized.

mia khalifa pic

mia khalifa pic

#5. Sports lover

Apart from reading and listening to music, Mia Khalifa also loves sports. She loves to spend time watching different sports such as lacrosse, hockey, and football. Mia watches channels such as DC Sports and others in her spare time.

Mia has also been a sports commentator. Women who love watching sports are really cool and sexy. Mia Khalifa proves this thing very well. She states that she simply loves sports channels such as Redskins, Capital, Wizards, and Nationals.

#4. Batman fan

We all love Batman but up to a certain extent. Mia Khalifa has endless love for Batman. She has more than 16 million fans on Instagram and they all must have seen the pictures and images of Batman.

Mia further states that she is madly in love with Batman. If you are a fan of Mia Khalifa, you would know better how much she actually adores Batman. This Indian look alike pornstar often posts beautiful photos with Batman.

#3. Pornhub star

Mia Khalifa is a well-known celebrity on an adult video site called PornHub. Until now, the videos of this sexy porn star have received over 1.5 million views. At the small age of only 22 years, Mia became the most searched performer on PornHub.

This site announced a few months back that Mia is on the 1st position to act in the various videos shared. Looking at the views, we can say that Mia is famous all over the globe.

#2. Salary

As per some of the reports, it is estimated that the total net worth of Mia Khalifa is approximately $14 million. At a small age of only 25 years, Mia received huge popularity from millions of fans by working in the adult film industry. Apart from that, she is also a number 1 performer on PornHub site.

It is stated in the media that Mia Khalifa’s salary is only $12000 in the adult film industry and not more than that. The media reports might be true regarding her net worth

#1. Good sense of humor

If you want to know the lady with beauty is, brains and sensible humor, watch Mia Khalifa. She is humorous in true sense. Apart from that, she also puts hot and seductive selfies on Instagram and Twitter.

Mia Khalifa often shares funny videos and memes on her page. Her fans know this fact and appreciate for her humorous nature as well. They even laugh at her memes and jokes.


Some of the facts of Mia Khalifa are so amazing that you won’t believe easily. Mia is also fond of reading. From education to her seductive beauty, Mia Khalifa is a born celebrity. Her figure, tattoos, nature, social media posts, and other things are loved by many of her fans in the world.

So now, you know everything about Mia Khalifa, her life, her likes, hobbies, and passion.

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