Top 10 facts about Home Depot

Home depot is the most popular name in the USA in the home improvement industry. This is the biggest home improvement store in the United States selling products such as building materials, home appliances, plants, house paints, and flooring. There is always a nearest Home Depot store to complete the list of your daily essentials.

Formed in the year 1978, Home Depot has outlets in all the states of United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. It has its headquarters in Georgia, U.S.A. As per the studies of the year 2018, there are 2,286 outlets of Home Depot in North America. Let us have a look at some of the unknown facts about HomeDepot which you don’t know:

#10. Several brand slogans

Normally, a company selects the slogan which is often remembered by the customers for a long time. Apart from that, the companies usually choose one slogan and keep it for many years. But it is not the same with Home Depot. The biggest store of the U.S. keeps on changing its slogans from time to time.

Starting from the year 1990 till 2000, this store changed its slogans several times. Some of the slogans adopted by Home depot include “Home Depot: First in Home Improvement”, “You can do it. We can help.” And others.

#9. Olympic athletes 

One of the unknown facts about Home depot is that it used to select Olympic athletes to encourage employees for working hard. The athletes from different parts of the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico were chosen as the employees of Home Depot store. These Olympic athletes got full salary for part-time work.

Apart from that, they also got many incentives and benefits to work better. Additionally, they used to get a salary even they were taking part in the competition.

#8. Large warehouses

Home depot has always selected the huge buildings to make their stores. It has always been the aim of the store to display its products in a big place. There are many large stores of Home Depot in U.S.A and other parts.

The biggest store of Home depot is situated in Union, New Jersey. It covers an area of 225,000 sq. ft. The biggest store is in Anaheim Hills, California. It has an area of about 204,000 sq. ft. The average area of each Home depot store is about 105,000 sq. ft.

#7. Political relations

Unlike other large companies and businesses, the Home Depot actively participates in politics. This retailer contributes a large part from its yearly income for political causes. Home Depot has contributed over 72% of its income for Republican candidates only.

In addition to that, the former CEO of Home Depot Bob Nardelli and former American president George W. Bush were good friends. During the elections, the store provided a major contribution to the campaign of George W. Bush.

#6. No business in China

The Home Depot

The Home Depot

In spite of being the biggest store in the U.S., Home Depot could not get success in Chinese markets. It opened 7 outlets in various parts of China but none could do well due to lower sales. Finally, these stores had to be closed because of low sales.

The reasons were mainly the differences between the culture of the U.S.A and China. While in the U.S.A, people do DIY tasks and other labor task themselves, the people in China do not do DIY tasks themselves.

#5. Store with rattlesnake

In August 20119, a rattlesnake entered into one of the stores of Home Depot in Saint Chair, Pennsylvania. A customer who came into the store was shocked to see the dangerous creature in the premises of the stores.

The store team called the wildlife team but the snake escaped in the cash enclosure. There is no information on how this rattlesnake got inside the store.

#4. Other things apart from home improvement products

One of the unknown facts about Home Depot is that it sells home improvement products as well as unusual items. The major products of Home Depot include home décor products, tools, building materials, and equipment. Besides that, it also sells items such as gun, pink flamingo statues, hair clips and brownie making machine. Many of us won’t know but it sells everything you need in your home. This is quite an interesting fact.

#3. Big security breach

Home Depot is famous for its bad incidents. One of the worst incidents occurred in the year 2014. In this security breach, the financial details of many customers and employees were disclosed. As per the investigation reports, it was found that 56 million credit card numbers of customers involved in this breach of security. Later, Home Depot store took serious steps to stop these types of incidents. They provided the facility of credit monitoring to the customers who suffered loss. It also made new its electronic payment system.

#2. Expansion in other countries

Home Depot made a huge business in the United States of America. Apart from that, it also opened its stores in Canada and Mexico and Puerto Rio. With the successful business in these countries, the store expanded its business in South American countries such as Argentina and Chile. But due to some reasons, the store did not perform well in these countries. Home Depot is now up to starting its stores in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Ireland.

#1. Good customer service 

It is an extremely tough job for a home improvement retailer store to run its business in any place. Customer service is what makes Home Depot a class apart from the rest of the stores. It provides a Low Price Guarantee. Apart from that, it conducts free workshops for kids wherein more than 1 million kids make the first toolbox. The store also planned for Customer Bill of Rights. It also has a Garden club for all of its customers.


These are some of the unknown facts about Home Depot that you must be aware of. It is the famous name in the home improvement area. Apart from shining your homes, it also fulfills the demands of the customers through various ways and techniques.

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